What are the ice fishing equipment

1. Ice fishing rod

When we choose the pole used for ice fishing, we should choose a pole with more reserve lines, which can adapt to emergencies under the ice and cope with different depths of the sea. In fact, the pole we use for ice fishing and the pole we choose for sea fishing The structure is similar, mainly composed of three parts: the rod body, the guide ring and the wheel seat, but the length of our ice fishing rod must be less than one meter, because the hole we drill during ice fishing will not be too large, and it will not be easy to control if the rod is long. , So our ice fishing rod will be a single pole or two poles in parallel.

2. Ice fishing reels and ice fishing lines

The ice fishing reel is similar to the fishing reel we usually use for fishing. It is mainly used to store fishing line. It contains two parts, a spool and a ratchet. If you choose, any type of fishing reel can be used; the same is true for ice fishing lines. As usual for fishing, it is recommended to use nylon line. The model needs to be larger than the usual number. Since the rod used for ice fishing cannot be used for fishing, we will strengthen the fishing line to prevent us from pulling the fishing line. When friction with the ice ballast around the hole will reduce the pulling force of the fishing line.

3. Ice drills, ice pans and ice fences

Ice drills and ice pans are used to open ice eyes. Water is not easy to break when it is frozen. Something is needed to make a hole in the ice surface. There are also several types of ice drills, including hand-cranked, electric, and For those with gasoline, we can decide which ice drill to use according to the condition of the ice surface of the fishing spot we choose, but the ice drill needs to be matched with the ice pan, and the ice pan needs to be drilled by using the small holes drilled by the ice drill to make a suitable Our fishing hole, the ice fence is to clean the ice ballast around the ice eye and break some thin ice around it. This is an indispensable equipment.

4. Other equipment

You must know that our ice fishing time belongs to winter and needs to reach a certain low temperature. Therefore, we need to prepare some basic fishing tools when ice fishing, but also need to wear warm and antifreeze gloves, and it is best to wear cotton shoes. Wear cotton caps to ensure that we won’t get frostbite. We are on the ice when ice fishing, so we also need to use a piece of foam from an old carton to step on our feet to avoid the loss of heat under our feet. , To keep the body temperature constant, this is the most basic equipment for ice fishing.

June 29, 2021 — Charlotte L