Sonar (sound navigation and ranging) is a technology that uses acoustical waves to sense the location of objects in the water. The simplest sonar devices send out a sound pulse from a transducer, and then precisely measure the time it takes for the sound pulses to be reflected back to the transducer. The distance to an object can be calculated using this time difference and the speed of sound in the water (approximately 1,500 meters per second).Amazing sonar tech now in the hands of any angler.

Sonar Transducer

PRO FF1108-1C

Prepare yourself for the upcoming fishing season


Compact and everything fits securely. It fits when you close it and is added protection.
It is helpful in trolling your transducer. It ensures your transducer or sonar floating in the river and can connect with your fish finder constantly.
It is firm and durable. It enables the fish finder display to be fixed around you and free your hands. You can use the mount with almost all kinds of kayaks and boats.
Excellent cover, fully sealed, my fish finder works well, it is convenient to use buttons.
Everything works. When connected to the fish finder, everything is displayed correctly, information for the depth map is formed and saved correctly.
A high quality universal wrist bag, suitable for most fish finders. it can be rotated 360 degrees.