1.Application and Acceptance of the Terms
1.1 Acceptance of the Terms
The Website you use and services, software and products (collectively the as the “Services” hereinafter) are subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document and the Privacy Policy and any other rules and policies as being published. This document and other rules and policies of the site are collectively referred to as the "Terms". By entering the Site or using the Services, you agree to accept and be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept all terms and conditions, please do not use the Service or the Site.

1.2 Terms Update Agreement
You acknowledge and agree that may amend any terms at any time and post such amendments and restatements on the Site. If you continue to use the Service or the Website, you agree that the revised terms apply to you.

1.3 English Language Terms

If publishes or provides a translation of the English version of these Terms, you agree that the translation is provided for convenience only and that the English version shall prevail when you use the Services or the Site.

1.4 Governing Law

By visiting, you agree to P. R. China's laws, regardless of conflict of laws principles, will manage these terms of use and any possible between you and any form of dispute will always abide by the laws, and we kindly remind our users to do the same thing. Because the importer customers have the responsibility to comply with all the laws and regulations of their own country. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

1.5 Arbitration

Any conflict relating in any way to your access to or the sale or distribution of products or services through and shall be submitted to CIETAC for arbitration in accordance with the Commission's Arbitration Rules in effect in applying for arbitration.
The number of arbitrators shall be one.
The place of arbitration is Shenzhen, China;
The language used in the arbitration proceedings shall be Chinese.
The arbitrary award is final and binding upon you and LUCKYLAKER.
2.Users & Account General
2.1 Use Agreement
As a condition of your access to and use of the Site or Services, you agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Site or Services.
2.2 One Account Per Customer
For security purposes, Users must register with the Site to access or use certain Services (Registered User is hereinafter referred to as a "Member"). Unless approved by, a user may register only one membership account on the site. may cancel or terminate a user's membership account if has reason to suspect that the user has registered or controlled two or more membership accounts at the same time. In addition, may refuse the application of a user for any reason.
2.3 Responsible for Own Account Security
A set of member IDs and passwords is unique to a single account. Each member is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your member ID and password, as well as all activities that occur in your account. No member shall share, transfer or allow others to use your membership account, ID or password. Members agree to notify immediately if you meet any unauthorized use of your password or your account or any other breach of your account security.
2.4 Provide Accurate Data
According to customs regulations, the customers must provide valid and accurate data. All consignee names, addresses and drawee names must be valid. In some countries, the consignee may need to submit their ID card or passport for customs clearance of the package or for payment verification purposes. Customers are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide to LUCKYLAKER. If the information is invalid and interferes with any shipment or delivery or customs clearance, LUCKYLAKER will not be liable and will not provide any compensation.
2.5 Account Activities Agreement
Members agree that all activities that occur under your account (including but not limited to, any company or product information, clicking to accept any other agreement or rule, subscribing or making any payment for any service, using an email account to send email or send SMS will be deemed to be authorized by the Member.
3.Member's Responsibilities
3.1 Each Member represents, warrants and agrees that they have full power and authority to accept the Terms in this agreement.
3.2 Members will be required to provide information or material about your entity as part of the process of registering a Member's account on the Site. Each Member represents, authorizes and agrees that whether such information and materials submitted during the registration process are correct, accurate, current and complete in continued use of the Site or Service; you will promptly maintain and modify all information and materials to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.
3.3 Upon becoming a Member, you consent to authorize to store and use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
3.4 Each Member represents, warrants and agrees that no User Content submitted, posted or displayed by it infringes or violates the personal or ownership rights of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade name, trade secret or any other third party ("Third Party Rights").
3.5 Each Member further represents, warrants and agrees that the User Content that you submit, post or display shall:
  1. a) be true, accurate, complete and lawful;
  2. b) not be false, misleading or deceptive;
  3. c) not contain information that is defamatory, libelous, threatening or harassing, obscene, objectionable, offensive, sexually explicit or harmful to minors;
  4. d) not contain information that is discriminatory or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
  5. e) not contain any link directly or indirectly to any other web Site which includes any content that may violate the Terms.
3.6 Each Member further represents, warrants and agrees that you shall:
  1. a) carry on your activities on the Site in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations;
  2. b) carry on your activities in accordance with the Terms and any applicable Additional Agreements;
  3. c) not use the Services or Site to defraud any person or entity;
  4. d) not impersonate any person or entity, misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity;
  5. e) not engage in spamming or phishing;
  6. f) not engage in any other unlawful activities (including without limitation those which would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, etc) or encourage or abet any unlawful activities;
  7. g) not involve attempts to copy, reproduce, exploit or expropriate various proprietary directories, databases and listings;
  8. h) not involve any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that have the effect of damaging, interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any software or hardware system, data or personal information;
  9. i) not involve any scheme to undermine the integrity of the data, systems or networks used by and/or any user of the Site or gain unauthorized access to such data, systems or networks;
  10. j) not engage in any activities that would otherwise create any liability for or our affiliates.
3.7 Member may not use the Services and member account messaging to engage in activities which are identical or similar to e-commerce business.
3.8  The Member agrees to provide all necessary information, materials and approvals, and to provide all reasonable assistance and cooperation to breach of the Terms and/or dealing with any complaints against the Member. shall not extend or be liable for any loss or damage arising from the delay, suspension or termination of the Services as a result of the Member's failure to provide the Services in a timely manner.
3.9 Members acknowledge and agree that will not be required to actively monitor or exercise any editorial control over any information or material or the content of the information created, obtained or accessed through the Services or the Site. does not endorse, verify or otherwise authenticate the content of any Member's comments or other material or information. Each Member is solely responsible for the content of its communications and may be legally liable or liable for the content of its comments or other material or information.
4.Breaches by Members
4.1 reserves the right in our sole discretion to remove, modify or reject any User Content that you submit to, post or display on the Site which we reasonably believe is unlawful, violates the Terms, could subject or our affiliates to liability, or is otherwise found inappropriate in opinion.
4.2 If any Member breaches any of the Terms or if has reasonable grounds to believe that any Member breaches any of the Terms, shall have the right to impose a penalty on the Member or to suspend or terminate the Member's account or any services for which the subscribing Member is not responsible. also has the right to limit, deny or prohibit any and all current or future use of any other services that may be provided by may impose punishment, such as warning, delete any product inventory or other members of the users' submitted content. According to the implementation of the product listing limit the number of members can post or display, or restrictions on members to use any service feature or function of the period such as can consider appropriate in our sole discretion.
4.3 Without limiting the generality of the provisions of the Terms, a Member would be considered as being in breach of the Terms in any of the following circumstances:
  1. a) has reasonable grounds to suspect that such Member has used a stolen credit card or other false or misleading information in any transaction with a counter 
  2. b) has reasonable grounds to suspect that any information provided by the Member is not current or complete or is untrue, inaccurate, or misleading, or any other users.
  3. c) believes that the Member’s actions may cause financial loss or legal liability to or our affiliates or any other Users. 
4.4 reserves the right to publish such violations on the site if a member violates the terms and conditions. also reserves the right to disclose such breaches to our affiliates if they involve or are reasonably suspected to involve dishonest or fraudulent activity. Such Subsidiaries may impose restrictions, suspend or terminate all or part of the Members' use of the Services provided by such Subsidiaries by Members, take other remedial measures, and publish records of breaches by Members of the Terms or control of the operation of the Website by subsidiaries.
5.Force Majeure
Under no circumstances shall be held liable for any delay or failure or disruption of the content or services delivered through the Site resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation, Internet failures, computer, telecommunications or any other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labor or materials, fires, flood, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals or non-performance of third parties.
6.1 Order Acceptance
Please note that there may be some orders which we cannot accept and must be canceled. reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason. In some cases, while all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of product descriptions, specifications, and pricing, errors that may occur.
If this situation occurs, Luckylaker will not be able to accept your order.
If there is an error happens, we will give you a specific explanation and correct the problem. The information display is considered an invitation, not a confirmed offer to sell. The contract is confirmed after delivery. Given the popularity and/or supply limitations of some of our products, LUCKYLAKER may have to limit the number of products available for purchase. LUCKYLAKER reserves the right to change the quantity available for purchase at any time, even after you place your order. Problems detected by our credit and fraud avoidance departments.
We may require additional verification or information before we accept any orders. If all  part of your order is cancelled or additional information is required for your order, we will contact you.
6.2 Order Cancellation
Customers can cancel their order at anytime prior to shipping. If you want to cancel your order, please contact our Support Center. However, once the order has been dispatched, the order cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded. Upon receipt of the package, our Warranty and Returns policy comes into effect.
6.3 Order Responsibility
Both parties agree that, following order dispatch, transportation is the sole responsibility of the third-party logistics company. During this stage, full ownership of the product(s) belongs to the buyer; all associated liability and risks during transportation shall be borne by the buyer.
7.Shipping and Delivery
7.1 The shipping time shown on LUCKYLAKER is the estimated time at which the package leaves our hands. Since the actual delivery of your order can affect many events beyond LUCKYLAKER. Once it is out of our control facility, we recommend that if customers have a special occasion or event where they wish to use the item, such as a birthday, they order their item in advance. LUCKYLAKER is not responsible for the delay in delivery. However, we will work with you to ensure a smooth shopping experience.
7.2 For a smooth delivery and peace of mind, we strongly recommend that customers purchase shipping insurance during the checkout.In the event that your package has a shipping issue, LUCKYLAKER will send you a replacement package free of charge. If the item is no longer in stock, we will offer you a refund option. Any orders that do not have shipping insurance will not be the responsibility of LUCKYLAKER and the customer takes full liability for their package during the shipping process.
7.3 LUCKYLAKER provides information via banners on our Site and through newsletters to customers, that provide details of shipping delays due to the peak season, and encourages customers to order in advance. We can therefore not be held responsible if a customer does not receive their order in time for peak season.
7.4 There may be occasions when LUCKYLAKER confirms your order but subsequently learns that it cannot supply the ordered product. In the event we cannot supply a product you ordered in a timely fashion, LUCKYLAKER will contact customers and offer to cancel the order and refund the purchase cost in full.
7.5 We try to make the delivery process as simple as possible and we are able to send your order either to your home or to your work place. PO boxes address is accepted except shipping by Express delivery. Express shipments of this type can only be delivered to physical addresses.
7.6 Shipping and delivery times are calculated in working days from Monday to Friday. In the case of major holidays such as Christmas and the Chinese Lunar New Year, please allow extra delivery time. During those special occasions, we will provide notices to reflect possible delays.
7.7 Customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate shipping addresses. LUCKYLAKER cannot make changes to your shipping address once a package has been shipped, and LUCKYLAKER is not liable for packages lost due to incomplete or inaccurate addresses.
7.8 All orders reported as "delivered" by shipping companies are considered delivered. LUCKYLAKER cannot be made liable of non-delivery in this case.
7.9 If a delivery fails for any reasons and the address sent to was the correct address as provided by the customer, LUCKYLAKER cannot be held liable if a package is returned.
7.10 Whatever the customer orders is what we ship, we can not be held liable for the customer receiving the wrong item if they placed the wrong order.
7.11 Due to international trade embargoes and sanctions currently in place, a limited number of countries are subject to limited shipping restrictions. These include: Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Sudan. Orders with shipping addresses within these countries can only be accepted if they contain apparel products and nothing else.
8. About customs tax
When you buy imported goods or services, you may have to pay for tax which is regulated by the country law. LUCKYLAKER is not responsible for any form of customs fees or taxes applicable on the items purchased from Since shipping rates are estimates, the exact valuation of the taxes depend on the local taxes policy. For more information, please contact or consult with your local customs. If you have any other question, you can email to
8.1 LUCKYLAKER cannot be held responsible for any package that does not make it through the local customs and is destroyed due to the item being illegal in the destination country. Customers are solely responsible for complying with their local laws. We can also not be held responsible for any import tax that may occur and it is the customers sole responsibility to pay this fee, if any. Kindly note that shipping insurance does not cover any customs issues, including but not limited to, goods being destroyed or confiscated due to their illegal status in any given destination country.
8.2 Should the buyer refuse the package due to import duties or taxes, the buyer takes full liability for all the costs involved in the process.
9.Exchange and Returns 
If when you receive your product(s), you are not completely satisfied you may return the items, within 45 days for refund. Returns will take approximately 5 working days for the process once the goods have arrived. The precise length depends on the payment provider used (e.g. PayPal, credit card company, etc). Items must be in their original packaging, all the original boxes must be intact and included, along with all packaging materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, plus all accessories and documents provided by the manufacturer.
9.1 Customer must first contact us, once you want to return products. When confirmed to meet the return conditions and given the correct return address and method, you can ship the product to us as required to finish the return. If the customer returns it without authorization, all costs and consequences will be borne by the customer.
9.2 The money back guarantee does not cover volume/wholesale and customized orders.
9.3 Return shipping fees are paid for by the customer. We are in general unable to refund you postal fees.
9.4 Any product returned found not to be defective can be refunded within the time stated above. Goods found to be tampered with by the customer will not be replaced but returned at the customer's own expense.
9.5 By default, the refund amount cannot exceed the original order amount paid to LUCKYLAKER. LUCKYLAKER is not responsible for and has no knowledge about any bank fees or exchange rate charges that may occur. These fees are processed by the issuing bank and will not be refunded by LUCKYLAKER.
9.6 LUCKYLAKER and/or the seller will act in accordance with the warranty as provided by the platform when and only when damage is in connection with the products valid and confirmed manufacturing defects. LUCKYLAKER and/or the seller will not be held liable for any damages resulting from customers improper use,personal negligence, and other reasons that do not attribute to product defects.
9.7 If the package is returned due to the customer's own reasons, because our company will bear the shipping cost of shipping and return, so we will not provide a full refund for the customer.
Use-Coupon or End of Line products can only be returned for repair. No refunds or replacements will be made.
11.Incorrect/Damaged Goods
We try very hard to ensure that you receive your order in pristine condition. If you do not receive the products ordered, please contact us. In the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately.
Prices and availability of items are subject to change without notice. The prices do not include V.A.T,import tax and duties, should your package become examined and deemed taxable by your local customs. Payment of these is the responsibility of the buyer.
13.Product Descriptions
While we try in good faith to be as accurate as possible, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content is accurate, complete, reliable, or error free. From time to time there may be information on LUCKYLAKER that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice. 
14.Privacy Notice
Note: Newsletter subscription on the registration page is checked by default. LUCKYLAKER respects customer privacy. Please read about our privacy policy in the footer.
15.Conditions Of Use
15.1 Copyrights
All content included on the site such as text, graphics, logos, button, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads and software are all owned by LUCKYLAKER and are protected by international copyright laws.
15.2 License and Site Access
LUCKYLAKER grants you a limited license to access and make personal use of this site. This license does not include any forms of commercial use of this site or its contents, any collection and use of any products, any collection and use of any product listings descriptions or prices, any derivative use of this site or its contents, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant, or any use of data mining, robots or similar data gathering and extraction tools. This site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any interest without express written consent from LUCKYLAKER.
15.3 LUCKYLAKER Marketing Correspondence
Following initial registration, customers are added to our mailing list featuring special deals, coupons and promotions. This allows our customers to take advantage of exclusive discounts. All customers can choose to unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time by clicking on the link at the email footer.
15.4 Intellectual Property Infringements
We give great importance to Intellectual Property ("IP") and strive to avoid that any IP infringing products are sold on our site. If you believe that either your IP rights or IP rights of third parties are being infringed by products listed on our site, please notify us immediately. We will carry out an internal investigation over the allegedly infringing products and will take all necessary measures to protect customers, sellers and IP right holders.
If you have any questions regarding this Agreement, please contact us by email (