Fish Finder PRO+ FF718Li-W

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Are you a fishing lover who has fishing experiences but still looking for an accurate and convenient fish finder? Then our LUCKYLAKER fish finder Pro+ definitely is your best choice!

Main Functions

  • Approximately Fish Location Display

When the fishes is passing by the area within the detection range of the transducer sensor, the display will indicate the approximately fish location on the screen by the movement of the fish icon. On the other hand, the right column will shows a corresponding black point in a square of the column.

  • Fish Depth Display

The right column on the screen indicates the current fish depth. The column is composed by ten squares. Each square presents the data which equals the water depth divided by ten. So the fish depth can be calculated by the numbers of the squares.

  • Water Depth Display

When sonar transducer immersed into the water, water depth will be displayed on the right top of the screen. The measurement of the unit can be switched by ft/m freely.

  • Fish & Fish Schools Alarm

The fish finder will alert you when fish and fish schools passing by. However, only if the fish appears in a 45 degree beam angle directly below the transducer sensor, the fish can be detected by the fish finder. 

  • Sensitivity Adjustment

You could find 5 levels of sensitivity in the fish finder which helps using the fish finder in different water environment, no matter it is pure water or turbid, freshwater or saltwater.

  • Fish Size Distinguished

The portable fish finders alert you when it detects fish or fish schools by alarm setting. It can distinguish the relative fish size and shows in large, middle and small icon on the screen.

  • Water Temperature Display

When sonar transducer immersed into the water, water temperature will be displayed on the left top of the screen. The measurement of the unit can be switched by °C/°F freely.

  • Underwater Contour Display

The portable fish finder shows clear and professional underwater contour. Submersible terrain detector function can directly keep track of the submersible terrain such as the amount of grass, dirt, and rocky reef in real time. And it will create a submersible terrain map.

  • Zoom

Select a number to magnify an area around the bottom, you can reveal fish and structure close to the bottom that may not be visible in typical operation. By Zoom, the unit continually changes the upper and lower Depth Range to keep area just above and below the bottom on the display.

  • Waterproof Design

The fish finder is waterproof in rains. No need to worry the splashes makes the display damaged any more. Even though the fish finder dropped into the water, the fish finder would be floating on the water surface. Meanwhile, The fuselage uses the Matte surface, may avoid to hold the skid.

  • Screen Brightness Adjustment

You can adjust the screen of the fish finder to different brightness in different environment to bring a more comfortable fishing experience.

  • Chart Speed Adjustment

The display content of the screen of the fish finder can be updated according to the underwater situation, so that the display of the fish finder is more accurate and the fishing efficiency is improved.

  • Terrain Display

Submersible terrain detector function can directly measure the temperature of the water surface and keep track of the submersible terrain such as the amount of grass, dirt and rocky reef in real time. It can detect the depth of fish to 0.1. Use the submersible terrain detection function to create a submersible terrain map.

LUCKYLAKER fish finder can be used in different ways, such as canoe fishing, kayak fishing, pontoon fishing, Jon boat fishing, float tube fishing, ski jet fishing, row boat fishing, bank fishing, shore fishing, dock fishing, ice fishing, night fishing and so on. 

Detection Range


  • 2.8 inch LCD Display
  • White LED Backlight.
  • Measurement Unit: FT/M
  • Temperature Unit: °C/°F
  • Detect Depth Range: 3 ft~147 ft (0.9 m~45 m) under sensor.
  • Wireless Operation Distance : 540 ft/180 m
  • Sensor coverage ranges:90 degrees beam angle.
  • Sensor Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F(-10°C-50°C) .
  • Powered by: 1 Lithium ion batteries for handheld/ 1 x CR2032 batter for sonar sensor.

Package Included

  • 1x Fish Finder Handheld
  • 1x Sonar Sensor
  • 1x Neck Strap
  • 1x CR2032 batter for sonar sensor
  • 1x USB AC Adapter
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Car Adapter Conversion Plug
  • 1x Neck Strap
  • 1x User Manual