1. Principle of sonar for fish finders:

The fishing sonar senor uses the theory of sound waves emitted by or reflected from the object are detected by sonar apparatus and analyzed for the information they contain to detect the condition under the water. When the sound wave gets to the obstacles (for example, fish, rocks, weeds, water bottom, etc). Once the transducer receives the signals, the sonar will pass the detected information to the fish finder directly and display on the screen.

  1. Difference between wireless sonar and wired sonar:

Wired sonar:


The wired sonar has a depth detection range of 2.3ft(0.7m) to 328FT(100m) and can cover 45 degrees beam angle in 200Khz.

The length of the cable is about 26 feet, which is the operational distance range.


The wired sonar has two versions and the main difference is the kinds of interface, which are DT interface and D interface.

→DT interface which can help the sonar detect the water depth and the water temperature.

 →D interface can only detect the water depth.

The difference between the two versions makes some wired fish finders have different features. 

Wireless sonar:


Both versions of the wireless sonar have the same detection range of 0.7m (2.3ft) to 45m (147ft) in 45 degrees at 90 beam angle, and have the operational temperature range of 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C).

The “ball” wireless sonar can be operated from 196 feet (60 meters) away, while the “boat” one has an operational range of 394 feet (120 meters).


The wireless sonar also has two versions. Their shapes are different and also features are different, but they both do not need the cable.

→ “Ball shaped” wireless sonar: It includes a lithium battery and can be recharged via USB. In addition, it has an attractive lamp in it, which can attract fish and is helpful for night fishing.

→ “Boat shaped” wireless sonar: It is charged by button battery and cannot be recharged. It cannot help with the night fishing. 

  1. Application conditions:

Wired sonar:

The wired sonar can be used in a various situations.

→ For boat fishing, you need to connect the side scan adapter to the hull using the mounting tag. Then you need to break through the hull if the boat does not have a hole. Place the fish detector transducer on the bottom of the hull 1 inch underwater. The speed of the kayak should be less than 5 miles per hour to make the boat stable.

→ For kayak fishing, you could attach the sonar transducer to the hull of the kayak or through the Lucky transducer arm. Immerse the sonar sensor completely into the water and you'll get useful fishing data on a portable waterproof fish detector.

→ For ice fishing, you need to clean the surface first and then put the sonar on the ice, but make sure that there is no air between the ice and the sonar. After that, you may make a hole in the ice and then put the sonar sensor into the water directly. 

Wireless sonar:

The instructions for using the wireless sonar are much easier. If you want, the simplest way is to drop the sonar into the water and see the fish finder screen for detecting information.

  1. How to choose?

Because of the specialist between detection range and sonar coverage for the wired sonar or wireless sonar, you could choose them based on your needs.

The wired sonar can detect the water much deeper than the wireless sonar. If your detection of waters is deep and you hope to have a wide detection range, or you enjoy boat fishing or kayak fishing and also, you do not mind the installment process, then wired sonar may suit you better.

If you have any requirements for the water temperature of the detection, then we recommend you to choose the wired sonar with a DT interface because of its special design.

The wireless sonar is easy to use and has a longer distance for operation. If you prefer shore fishing and your detection water area is not that deep, wireless sonar will be your great choice. Besides, if you like night fishing or looking for an attractive lamp design sonar, now “ball shaped” sonar may be your type!

For a fishing lover, fishing is full of fun, no matter which sonar you choose, you can always find your own way and your own happiness. We hope you enjoy it and go and have fun!