LUCKYLAKER Fish Finder Transducer Mount Arm

$41.99 $59.99

LUCKYLAKER fish finder mount is designed to free your hands when you are fishing or driving. The mounting design is focus on sturdy and steady for both base and holder, so that the fish finder won’t drop down in vibrations. The transducer mount arm can be wildly applied in marine, kayak and etc.

  • Designed for Kayak & SUP Fishing

The transducer mount arm is an easy way to mount fish finder transducers as well as other kayak accessories. It is the best way to protect your transducer from scratching or cracking when your boat is going through bottom complex terrain of waters. The transducer mount arm helps to adjust the sank depth of wired transducer compared to mounting the transducer to the boat hull.

  • 360° Flexible Arm

The extended length of the transducer mounting arm is 21inch. Since the arm is bendable, you could adjust the angle of the transducer mounting arm to your most favorable position. Although it is a flexible arm, it couldn’t be either easily bended by the slight force. It is a solid and hard metal stick covered by the rubber.

  • Easy Install & Remove

You could fix it by its unique suction cup on any smooth surface. So you can switch the transducer mount arm to different kayaks as you like. Meanwhile, you could also fix the transducer mount arm by three screws if there are screw holes in your kayak.

  • Solid & Adjustable Mounting Base

The base of the transducer mounting arm is made of high strength composite material which is solid and durable. The base connector is a tripod mount adapter. So the bottom of the transducer mounting arm can be rotated 180°. When the arm is disassembled from the base, the base can be connected to any other device which is compatible with a tripod mount adapter.

  • Wild Compatibility & Application

The transducer mount arm is wildly compatible with different branded wired transducers. For example, you could choose it for the wired transducers of LUCKYLAKER and so many other brands. Moreover, it could also fix a wireless sonar ball by its 1/5 inch male screw head that is on the other end of the arm if there is a 1/5 inch female screw hole in the sonar ball.


  • Extended Arm

          1/4 inch standard female screw hole

          1/5 inch standard male screw rubber

          Metal stick

  • Detachable Base

          Tripod Mount Base

          The adapter is with a 1/5 inch male screw hole

  • 180° Rotated Bracket

          The bracket above the base can be rotated 180°

          It ensures the transducer mounting arm adjusting with different angles

Package Included

  • 2x Double Sided Stickers
  • 3x Suction cups
  • 3x Screws
  • 1x Flexible Arm