Fishing float

In the fishing selection of a suitable float, fishing is twice the result with half the effort. For example, the most simple fish mouth light float to eat lead to small, fishing far float to eat lead to large. Fishing small fish with small drift, big fish with big drift and so on are more conventional float selection method.

One, can throw out

The first principle is called cast out, the so-called cast out is to be able to accurately cast to the fishing point, the essence of this is the amount of lead floating. Using a lead-sized float, the set will be heavier and easier to cast. If the fishing is far, the difficulty of casting rod is much more difficult than that of fishing. Therefore, it is necessary to match the lead amount of float reasonably according to the length of the fishing rod and the distance of the fishing point. Whether the rod can be cast accurately has something to do with the length of the fishing rod, the lead eaten by the floating float, the personal skills, and the wind direction. Beginners try to choose to eat lead larger float, against the wind or wind measurement, float to eat lead should also be as large as possible, after all, the casting rod can have a precise point of fall, for fishing is absolutely beneficial.

Two, see clearly

The second principle is called to see clearly, the main is the choice of drift tail. From the point of view of the floating tail, the fine tail float is more sensitive than the coarse tail float, and the drift phase is more obvious. But the choice of float is not the more spirit the better, drift tail thickness should be appropriate, throw out to see clearly this is the basic. When fishing far fishing point must pay attention to the choice of drift tail, after all, can not see clearly some are useless. Now there are part of the float tail made thick, such a float than a simple thick tail float sensitivity will be much higher, very conducive to look at the float. But it is important to note that these floating drift method with conventional float float is slightly different, bold at the end of each float, if floating tail into the water will lead to buoyancy has great change, so the drift is to keep the main points of the bold part of the float of the fishing, the fishing process bold part are not into the water, so you can keep the sensitivity of such float.

Straighten the waterline

The third point is that the float can straighten the waterline, in fact, this is also said that the float eat lead size problem, but also a lot of fishing friends easy to ignore a problem. Such as winter carp fishing, carp advantage, eating small, float to choose eat lead small thin stiff tail floats, this will let drift is more apparent, but it is important to note at this time choose float lead is not as small as possible, also need to pay attention to whether some floats to the straight line, because if not be straight to the waterline tight, will affect the signal transmission. Especially when fishing a little deep water, we must pay attention to.

May 23, 2021 — Charlotte L