Fishing Tools

Fishing line

Buy fishing line should pay attention to two points: one, the tensile resistance of the fishing line, should take into account your own buying capacity of the fishing rod how much money and carry out effective matchmaking line group, such as your fishing rod only bear 1000g force, perhaps buy the tensile resistance of the fishing line more than 1000g, so if you in the small fish, it is very easy to break the rod. Two, should be based on the fishing situation you often go to the fishing field to make decisions on the size of the number of lines, buy to pay attention to the difference between the Department or the sub-system.

Fishing bait

The bait is divided into meat bait and vegetable bait, such as loach, red insects, small and medium-sized insects containing small animal meat food baits are called meat bait, and the baits equipped with grains are called vegetable bait. It is proposed to choose more vegetarian bait, which is easier to gather fish and keep fish. It can also be determined according to the actual situation of the local fishing field.

Fishing brail

Catch net is when you catch a certain touch of the fish, pull to the shore, can help you quickly catch fish success. If you don't prepare this tool in advance, then if you catch a small fish, you won't be able to catch it! Buy the size of the net according to the size of the fishing field you often go to.

Fish tank

One should be light, two should be firm, three is easy to take, and, try not to buy those spare parts can take out. Many fishing boxes use fittings, and fittings can be taken out. Fishing box cover to buy that kind of full cover, that is, the top cover of the fishing box, can be completely covered. And try not to wear a small cover.

Fish protection package

You don't have to buy anything fancy or sort it out. Want that kind of fish guard, bait basin, liquid bucket and so on can pack quickly together. You can save time by switching venues. It is also very convenient for leisure and entertainment.

Fishing float

There are also many types of fish floating. Casting rod fishing float is selected ocean drift, fishing bottom is most of the selection of bells or alarm system class. So for beginners, it is proposed that the size and size of the fish float tail should be selected according to their own eyes and eyesight and the depth of the fishing spot and the fishing spot.

Fishing hook

There are many specifications and models of fishing hooks, with barbs and without barbs. Beginners choose the fishing hooks of Iseni hook type. Because the hook door is long, it is generally very little to walk away after the fish. The size of the fishing hook should be more than a few types of size of the hook, according to the fishing field and the size of the fishing hook decision.

May 22, 2021 — Charlotte L