Fishing in summer

It is a good fishing time around sunrise in the morning, especially in summer and early autumn. During this time, most of the weather is hot, the water temperature is high, and the appetite of the fish is not high. It is difficult to catch the fish.

However, before and after sunrise, the temperature is still cooler and the water temperature is relatively low. At this time, the air pressure is higher, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is also higher. There will be a peak period for fish to eat. There are three advantages to fishing at this time.

The temperature is right and the angler is in good condition

In the morning before and after sunrise, it is usually between 5-8 o'clock. At this time, the outdoor air is fresh, the temperature is right, people are full of energy after a night of rest, and the waterside environment is beautiful, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. In such a morning, it is suitable for leisure activities. Going to the river to go fishing, fighting with the fish, is full of excitement and sense of accomplishment, and can start the day.

Good environment, good fish appetite

As the night fades, the water body is in the light transition period from dark to bright, which is in line with the life habits of fish like low light; as the sun rises, plants in the water begin to photosynthesize and release oxygen, and the air pressure is higher than the dissolved oxygen in the water increases. , The fish feels comfortable. In the morning, the two basic conditions of temperature and dissolved oxygen are very suitable for fish activities, so many fish will swim to the shallow waters near the shore to find food. At this time, if we hit the bait, there will be a good harvest.

Suitable water conditions, good fishing conditions

In summer mornings, waters of different depths and sizes are basically suitable for fish activities and foraging. This time is not like winter and other times, because the water temperature and dissolved oxygen change greatly, the fish situation is unpredictable, and the choice of fishing spots will be limited.

If there are fish near the shore, you can choose a short rod instead of near and far; if there are lakes and reservoirs with convenient transportation and better fish conditions, it is better to catch large fish than small fish. Because the water level of most large water surfaces is stable and the fish condition is better, they have a certain degree of self-regulation, and are less affected by external factors, and the temperature of the lower water is relatively stable, which is suitable for fish to survive.

When fishing in small waters, you can usually only fish for a period of time, not a whole day, there will be fish when you open the rod, and it will stop after a while. The large water surface is more sustainable, even if there is no fish temporarily, it can be solved by filling the nest and changing the fishing point.

The main factor that affects the fishing effect in summer is temperature, and the amount of dissolved oxygen is often caused by too high temperature. Therefore, if possible, it is better to choose rivers or other live water fishing grounds. This kind of water body is long flowing, rolling up and down, vertical and horizontal integration is relatively sufficient, fast heat dissipation, small temperature difference, and high dissolved oxygen content, which are rare for fish. ideas.

However, there are exceptions to everything. Not all mornings are suitable for fishing. In some special weather, fish will not open their mouths in the morning. For example, if the temperature remains high for several days, the water temperature in the morning is often close to most when it exceeds 32°C. The upper limit of the optimum temperature for warm-water fish, the fish lose their appetite; for many days, when the cloud is low and dark, the air pressure is low, the air humidity is high, and the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient, it is difficult for the fish to speak when the temperature is lower in the morning; As a result of changes in water temperature, fish have to frequently adjust their body temperature. When the body is very uncomfortable, the fish will not speak. However, these unfavorable factors are temporary and exceptional. In most cases, morning fishing in summer is still good.

Fishing in the morning in the summer, as long as we can adapt to the local conditions at the time, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, we can achieve good fishing results.

July 07, 2021 — Charlotte L