Selection and use of night fishing lights

For night fishing in the wild, the first choice is to combine night fishing lights and headlights. The reason is very simple. The terrain is complicated and the line of sight at night is not good. There are night fishing lights to illuminate, which is suitable for viewing drifting and attracting fish. The auxiliary headlights can be convenient for us. Put the bait, catch the fish, and even observe the surrounding environment of the fishing position, so as not to accidentally slip into the water.

Regarding the selection of night fishing lights, many masters or celebrities often introduce them from the perspectives of the number of light sources and penetration, but it is rare to introduce them from two perspectives, so many newcomers, even many old Birds, when choosing night fishing lights, they are also confused. They have to pay for what you pay for, and try to buy expensive ones. When choosing night fishing lights, we actually have to take a practical perspective, that is, actual combat and use. It’s not difficult to choose from a single level.

Night fishing lights, in fact, there is no difference between the principle of the flashlight and the principle of the flashlight. It is nothing more than the power reserve of the light’s battery, the number of light sources, and the brightness of the light. These three parameters are different. The greater the power reserve, the more the number of light sources. The stronger the brightness, the more expensive the night fishing lamp; however, in actual combat, we do not need a large number of light sources and high brightness; then, what standard should we follow to choose?

According to the fishing waters, choose the light source and capacity for night fishing

The so-called fishing water area is actually the depth of the fishing spot and the size of the water surface. If the water surface is large and the water is relatively shallow, we do not need a night fishing lamp with too high brightness. Too high brightness is a waste; if the water surface is large, the fishing spot If the water level is deeper, the intensity of the light source needs to be relatively large. On the one hand, it is clearer when it hits the float. On the other hand, when the light hits the bottom of the water, it also has a better attracting effect;

The second is the number of light sources. Common night fishing lights are dual light sources, that is, two chromatographic lighting sources are provided, such as white-yellow light sources and white-blue light sources. By extension, there are three light sources and four light sources. We are in actual combat. At times, it is actually difficult to use all four light sources. More often, they are all yellow and yellow light trapped and blue light drifted.

Judge the quality of night fishing lights by using night fishing lights

The quality of night fishing lights, whether the battery is durable, is actually just a reference. In addition, there is another use detail, which is actually more important than whether the battery capacity is false and whether it is durable.

It's very simple to do. We don't limit the occasion, we fix the night fishing light directly, aim at a certain lighting area, and after continuous lighting for 4 hours, observe the illuminated area, whether the light source is stable, whether the area changes, and the light cannot be erratic or shaken. ;

Many low-quality night fishing lights, the lamp bead burns out if the irradiation time is more than 4 hours, or the battery is seriously insufficient for more than 4 hours of lighting, and the light starts to weaken, and the light source will be erratic and the lighting area will shrink. , The brightness becomes weaker, these are all hard quality problems.

July 06, 2021 — Charlotte L