Fishing Reels


1. Spinning Reels: There are two main types : closed and open. The CLOSED SPINNING wheel is called "pig's mouth reel" in China. For traditional Chinese fishermen, the understanding and use of the fishing reel are not quite popular, so the handiness of the fishing reel is very important, and the "CLOSED SPINNING REEL "(Closed Spinning Reel) is specially designed and made for beginners. The biggest difference between the fishing reel and other spinning reel is that it is used with the gun handle road pole. There are two kinds of open spinning reels: front brake and back brake. The front brake has more advantages than the back brake. The front brake brake cup, the rear brake spindle, so the front brake spinning wheel theoretical utilization rate is greater than the rear brake.

2. Fly Reels: Fly fishing is considered the ballet of fishing and is technically a form of Lure fishing. The lure used is the FLY (hook). Fly fishing is the most widely used and highly respected type of stream fishing in foreign countries. Fly fishing requires large space for fly fishermen to fly fishing LOOPS. Therefore, we often see foreign fly fishermen doing fly fishing in stream water with waterproof boots. Big horse fly, tuna fly (sea fishing) and so on. Fly fishing is also suitable for sea fishing. Most fly fishing reels have a MECHANICAL DRAG SYSTEM, but in Asia, Taiwan, Japan and some countries in South Asia there is a type of fly fishing reel without a MECHANICAL DRAG SYSTEM, often referred to as a "front reel", which requires considerable skill on the part of the angler. This is the hand-pulling FLY REEL.

3. BaitCasting Reels: Both "water drop reel" and "drum reel" are commonly called "BaitCasting Reel" in China. Because the REEL of "water drop reel" is more than that of a spinning reel, it is more suitable for long-distance bait fishing, and the weight of the bait used is larger so that it is easier to cast far.

4. Trolling Reel/Big Game Reel: In China, sea fishing reels are used to be called "boat fishing reels" or "iron plate reels", mainly because of their size and weight. The TROLLING REEL is considered by many foreign fishermen to be one of the uglier and heavier fishing reels, but it is not suitable for dealing with the "big things" in the sea surface. It has a great braking force and can reach a maximum weight of nearly tons. Marlin, swordfish, sharks and so on are its main object fish. Among them, JIGGING REEL can also be classified as sea REEL, which is a kind of REEL with a high speed ratio specially designed for the sea area with rocks at the bottom of offshore or remote sea area.

Method of use

After the preparation work before the casting, you need to release a section of reserved line (30~40 cm), turn the gear up, buckle the line on your index finger, and hold the line with your fingers, raise your hands above your head, the pole handle is pointing to the target (reference), the bait group is located behind your head. When throwing, the left hand should properly press down, and the right hand can add a little forward thrust to the rod while loosening the finger of the line. When the bait flies out, throw the rod and the tip of the rod should also point to the target. When the bait and the lead pendant completely fall into the fishing point, stop for a moment and reset the line by hand to tighten the excess line, and tighten and fix the fishing line. Check the reverse switch, if the switch is not closed, should be closed in time, so as not to raise the rod running line, so that the force can not act on the hook and run fish.

May 18, 2021 — Charlotte L