How to Use Fishing Rod Correctly for Fishermen

When you just learn to fish, although you have made sufficient psychological preparation, there are also a lot of theoretical knowledge, but the real practice, may be because of excitement, tension, there will be some wrong behavior with the rod, so when fishing should pay attention to a few points.

1.The fishing rod is an indispensable tool for fishing. The angler must protect his fishing rod like a soldier taking care of his weapon. Most of the accidental damage of fishing rod is caused by the fishermen not using the bait according to the requirements. Correct operation and standard fishing methods can prolong the service life of the fishing rod. The fishing rod produced by the regular manufacturer has the operation manual, and it is used in strict accordance with the requirements on the manual. Even if the fish is caught on a large scale or occasionally hangs at the bottom, the sub-line is cut off after being subjected to the force, the fishing rod can also be protected.

2. Generally do not arbitrarily increase the strength of the sub-line. Don't lift the rod too hard when loading the fish. Try to avoid directly lifting the fish. Go ashore or raise the hooked fish. Should be homeopathy traction, the big fish must first walk, to walk tired after the use of the net, so as to reduce the strength of the fishing rod everywhere, to avoid damage to the fishing rod. In the process of fishing, if you need to adjust the position of the float, you must feel the first hand, always pinch the upper or lower part of the fishing line, the other hand to pull the float, to avoid the force on the fishing rod. If there is a big fish in the fishing area, the fishing rod should be equipped with a missing line to avoid the big fish pulling the rod and causing unnecessary losses. Whether it is a hand pole or a sea pole, it is best to wipe the rod with a clean soft cloth at the same time of collecting the rod, so as to prevent mud and water stains from entering the inside of the pipe wall of the rod and causing rod wear and tear. The metal card on the sea pole also needs to prevent it from rusting, so it should be careful not to touch water, the best way is to wipe it with oil cotton after each fishing. In the process of fishing, should also pay attention to prevent trampling on the ground of the fishing rod, to prevent the fish holding the fishing rod on the ground friction, must be the fishing rod on the support frame, so as not to be dragged into the water by the fish.

3. After the hook is hooked by the sundry things, some anglers will strain hard to lift the rod, or pick the rod violently, which is wrong. It is likely to break the rod, or cause an excuse to break or loosen. The correct way is to hold the line in your hand and try to pull it when the hook is hooked. If you can't pull, you can wrap the fishing line in the bite, and then back, cover is not the hook segment is the loss of the line, is also a kind of "lose the car to protect the handsome" practice, the loss to a minimum.

4. When the rod joint is too tight to be stored, you can put the rod vertically on the ground, and then lift the collected part of the tip joint to hit the rod joint which can not be stored downward, or hold the fishing rod to tap the ground. Rod, the rod must be in sequence, the rod is first from the tip, in turn, want to pull, when you receive pole from down to up tall, not the wrong plug, such as appear when fora card card section, close not back, don't try so hard, not hard twist or downwards, can seek help from experienced friend, true not line, home first, slowly to find the solution.

May 18, 2021 — Charlotte L