Fishing Rods

The difference between the front rod and the rock fishing rod

These three fishing rods are not easy to distinguish from the appearance of light rock, front hitting, and falling in. They are sometimes used for mixed use. After reading this article, you will understand the difference between these three fishing methods.

Qingji: Actually it is a general term for the three fishing methods, but if we talk about them separately, it is more suitable for throwing, and the throwing distance is within 30 meters. Light rock fishing also needs to be hand-held for a long time, and the length is about 18 feet is more suitable, but most of them are equipped with buoys or Apo, the sensitivity of the rod tip is not as strict as the previous hitting or falling.

Front hitting: It is on the seabed in front of you. It is possible that the sea surface is some distance away from where you are standing. After throwing the fishing rig, shake the bait up and down. The target fish are those hiding in the cracks in the rock. The biggest feature of this fishing method is intuitive fishing. It must be very accurate to judge the fish information from the information from the tip of the rod, and raise the rod before the fish goes back into the hole. The light and flexible rod tip is suitable for long-term hand-held. Weight, and the length that can be extended to the surface of the sea are the items you should consider.

The front rod is no different from the general front rod. The rod is super thin first, and the wire loop is also super small, but the entire rod length is much shorter, generally between 2.1 meters and 3 meters, and it is held with one hand. You won’t be tired at the end of the day, because the previous fishing method is people looking for fish, not fish looking for people, so you have to move around and change fishing spots, plus some tricks to lure the fish and shake the rod, so the lighter the better.

Falling in: Its fishing method is similar to the previous one, except that the fishing point is not on the sea, but the cave between the banks. Sensitivity and weight are as important as the previous rod, but the length does not need to be very long, 10-12 feet That's enough, but it's too long to display.

For example: today you know that there are groupers on a certain shore, where the waves are not big, and the current is fairly stable, then after you cast the fishing rig to the target fishing point, you can pull the line to make your fishing rig Floating vertically, increasing the fish's desire to eat, then we call it the front fishing method.

But if today’s fishing spot is at the foot of the waves, and the stones are washed down before use, then we have to throw the fishing set out of the waves a little, and then use the buoy to control the fishing set at the bottom of the water without hanging. The depth of the bottom, then this is a very typical light rock fishing.

June 22, 2021 — Charlotte L