Fishing hooks

Fishing hook is a necessary tool for fishing people, how to choose a fishing hook, which can be asked by the university. Different types of hooks are designed for different target fish.

No matter how many strange shape of the hook, but the most important hook or hook tip and hook handle, hook tip has a variety of shapes, but as long as you find the right hook, a lot of problems will be solved.

The length of the hook handle should be selected according to the individual size of the fish

The difference between the length of the hook handle is different, many anglers think the role of the hook handle is just to tie the line, in fact, the length of the hook handle is an important standard for choosing the hook, the long hook handle is suitable for fishing large fish, not only can let the hook tip into the mouth, but also easy to pick the hook, short hook is suitable for fishing fish, but easy to block the mouth.

The hook tip must be sharp.

There are several kinds of hook tip shapes, including circular straight barbed hook tip, circular crooked mouth hook tip and triangular straight barbed hook tip, etc., the characteristics of these several kinds of hook tip are not the same, but the main standard when we choose is to be sharp.

Only a sharp hook can ensure that it can be stabbed into the mouth with the fastest speed in the shortest time. If the tip of the hook is not sharp enough, it may lead to inability to be pierced or unable to be pierced firmly, and it is easy to decouple and run the fish.

Circular stab clasps, pointed is the most common we pointed, now basically is configuration on some common hook, the hook point is one of the biggest problems in the hook stress change to Pierce the direction, the magnitude of the hook, pointed will be affected by a lot of, and the hook pointed process is relatively simple, if material selection of general, basically stabbed several times after the fish will become dull, It needs to be replaced in time.

The circular crooked beak hook tip is a popular hook point at present. By bending the hook tip inward, the Angle of bending inward can be changed into an upright Angle after piercing the fish mouth. In this way, the penetration of the hook tip will be strong and it is easy to Pierce the fish mouth.

Now there is a common fish hook, that is the triangular hook tip of the three-sided hook, this hook tip is composed of different three-sided fish hook shape, each edge and corner are very sharp, can easily Pierce the mouth of the fish, and will hook out a hole, strong destructive force. But fishermen should be careful not to injure their hands when using them.

From the above results, the choice of a suitable hook must be adjusted according to the target object of fishing. Moreover, the choice of a sharp hook can better piper the fish mouth. The triangular hook and slanting mouth fish hook on the market are very good choices.

June 21, 2021 — Charlotte L