Fishing skills

At the turn of spring and summer, should we apply the idea of ​​spring fishing or the idea of summer fishing? If you are fishing according to Xia Diao's thinking, what adjustments should be made in the fishing method?

1. Fishing in shallow water or deep water

As the so-called "three-point fishing technique, seven-point position", whether it is black pits or rivers and lakes, if you want to have a good catch, the choice of the location of the fishing point is very important. Although 80% of fishermen know the truth of "fishing at the beach in spring and fishing in the summer at the pool", at the turn of spring and summer, is it deep or shallow? Still have to choose flexibly according to the current temperature.

It is undeniable that fishing must be deep in early summer, because during this period, due to the water used for agriculture and industrial production, large and medium-sized lakes and reservoirs were opened to release water, fish were frightened and avoided, and their activities were reduced. Moreover, due to the sharp drop in water level, many originally good fishing positions No longer exists. Under such circumstances, fishing must be deep.

But then again, if it’s night fishing, you can’t fish too deep. After all, where the water is too deep, food is relatively scarce, and nearshore food is difficult to wash into the deep water, so night fishing in early summer, You can neither fish too deep nor too shallow.

2. Bait flavor and specific gravity

In addition, in terms of the flavor of fishing bait, the amount of fishy bait should be reduced according to the increase in temperature. Looking at the whole spring, the choice of bait is from insect bait to fishy bait, and then to fishy flavor bait. In terms of taste, it is Constantly changing.

But no matter what the changes are, there is one common feature among them, that is, they contain more animal protein! However, in the early summer, the demand for animal protein is reduced compared to the spring, not to mention that the current temperature is generally higher, and the fishy bait will inevitably affect the fish catching rate.

Therefore, in terms of taste, the amount of fishy bait should be continuously reduced as the temperature rises, or even not used. As for its state, it is recommended to give priority to rubbing bait in the case of serious small fish hooking. When bait, rice grains can also be added as an aid.

3. Adjustment between floating and blunt

Perhaps in addition to the two factors of bait and fishing position, the fishermen are most concerned about the problem of floating and adjusting fishing. If you are fishing for large individual fish, as long as you adjust your eyes less than the fishing eyes, that is to say, you can catch them bluntly.

June 01, 2021 — Charlotte L