How to choose a fishing chair

Look at the keel and weight of the fishing chair

The keel of the fishing chair is generally assembled with stainless steel pipes. Whether the thickness of the steel pipe is repaired or not, the weight of the fishing chair should not be too light, because if it is too light, it will not hold the umbrella. Lightness This means that the stainless steel tube is not too thick. Under normal circumstances, the weight of the fishing chair is too light to be 4-6KG, so there is no need to consider it.

Look at the cushion and backrest of the fishing chair

The cushion and backrest of the fishing chair should be durable and have good air permeability. Generally, the cushions of fishing chairs are made of Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth has good toughness and elasticity, and its breath ability is quite acceptable. It is more comfortable to sit up like this.

Look at the legs of the fishing chair

The thickness of the steel pipe of the fishing chair's legs should be above 1mm. The range of expansion and contraction should be about 13cm. The paw is a movable paw that should be 5cm in diameter. With such parameters, whether you are a lake, a reservoir, or a Diaoyutai Island, you can do it steadily.

Which is better, fishing chair or fishing box

Fishing chair

Advantages: foldable, occupies a small space, light body, easy to carry, if you are riding a battery car, motorcycle or walking to the fishing spot, then choose it. In addition, the fishing chair is made of fabric, which is relatively soft. If you are fishing for a long time, you will not get tired when sitting. The backrest is more refreshing. You can lie down for a while without a mouth.

Disadvantages: Due to its light weight, it cannot hold the fishing umbrella well. If there is a bit of wind, and you walk away for reasons such as walking the fish, releasing your hands, etc., it is easy to be blown down; the fishing chair is made of fabric, and once it gets wet in the rain It's not easy to dry, unlike a fishing box that you can sit on with a single wipe. Lastly, most fishing chairs only have one or two small bags. It’s okay to put some accessories. The bait and nest material are not easy to put, and the chair bag is easy to mess up. The bait without sealing strips is often spilled.

Fishing box

Advantages: large capacity, you can also load fish after fishing, because many fishing friends will throw things into the fishing box, and the fishing box is relatively square and stable, so after plugging in the fishing umbrella, a little wind can't blow it down.

Disadvantages: large size and space, heavy weight to carry tired, short-term fishing can be, long time sitting uncomfortable, although some fishing boxes have a backrest, most of them are not reliable and easy to break.

June 27, 2021 — Charlotte L