The fishing box

What is the appropriate capacity of the fishing box

If you hardly want to put any accessories in your fishing box, at most you put a bait tray, the biggest use is to sit, put simple things, naturally the best under 20L, light and portable, but can not hold the turret.

If you want to buy a fishing box with the strongest comprehensive combat, it is best to buy a 30L standard box, but you must also choose a brand that is strong and well-made, so that the space will be ideal when you use it. It will feel lighter only then.

For boxes of 40L or more than 50L, the fishing platform is heavy enough. Once the fishing box is used, it can be equipped with fish guards and other things. It can also be used as a strong fishing position, but moving things is a problem.

The shape of the current fishing box is not bad, but the configuration and space utilization inside are quite different. It is recommended not to be too complicated. There is a place for the line set, floating box and other items, so that you can take things in the box. The rest of the space is best for DIY.

Installation method of fishing box accessories

The installation of fishing box accessories should be based on personal usage habits. If it is a left-handed fishing friend, please pay attention to the installation direction in the picture. The narrow side of the fishing box is facing or facing away from the water surface. Which side is facing the water depends on the installation of the accessories, that is to say, whichever narrow side is suitable for the water. This picture shows the bait box holder of the fishing box, installed in the direction facing the water with the left hand. The specific left-right and up-and-down directions need to be adjusted according to personal usage habits after installing the bait box. The principle is to stabilize the food box. Install the bait box shelf as low as possible, but it should not affect the rotation of the bait box.

The rack on the fishing box is used by fishermen, and is installed on the left hand side of the person riding the fishing box. Its mounting surface is in the shape of a wrap angle, which means that the wrap angle can be directly installed on the corner of the corresponding fishing box. It is important to pay attention to the upper and lower positions during installation. After the installation of the fisherman, if the position of the fisherman is too high, it will affect the fishing line. It is easy for the hook to hang on the fisherman, but if the installation is too low, every time during the fishing process When putting fish into the house, you have to bend over and feel tired, even if you use a hook to hang a hook, it is inconvenient. It is recommended that you must consider fully before starting the installation.

The pole bracket is installed on the opposite side of the fisherman's bracket, and it is also installed with a wrap angle. Adjust to the most suitable height according to the sitting height of the fisherman and then install it.

June 26, 2021 — Charlotte L