How to choose a fishing position for sea fishing

There is no doubt about sea fishing. There is no suitable fishing position to catch fish. Since you choose to go fishing in the sea, you must understand these fishing positions to catch fish. The sea is not calm and calm like in a lake. Shaking boats and turbulent tides will affect the judgment of the angler. There is no skill that really knows the air force. Here is the choice of fishing positions.

First, when we arrive at a new fishing ground, we can judge whether the underwater is a flat river or a reef by observing the color of the sea. Generally speaking, if the color of a certain place on the blue sea is dark, it means that there must be a reef, sunken ship or aquatic plants such as seaweed. This environment is very conducive to fish hiding and foraging. It is us Good place for fishing.

Second, you must first find a fishing spot that protrudes from the headland, avoid the impact of the water surface, and fish in the slow current at the back, and the water flow will be relatively small. Since the scours are concentrated here, small fish and shrimps often come to forage, and larger fish will also come to forage for shrimps. At the same time, fishy-smelling bait can be used for fishing.

Third, the place where seabirds concentrate for food is also a good fishing spot that cannot be missed. When fishing on a boat, if you see a group of seabirds that like to dive down from the sea or from the air, then there must be fish in that place. The group is active underwater, so it is necessary for us to choose where to hook and fish.

Fourth, in addition to these fishing spots, the bustling docks with denser fish schools are also one of the few fishing spots. The wave breakers that block wind and waves can fish for shallows, the piers of cross-sea bridges, and the derricks of oil wells.

July 04, 2021 — Charlotte L