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In sea fishing, why do the fish in the rod always get out of the hook? what to do?

Why does the fish always get out of the hook in the fishing rod? In sea fishing, the phenomenon of removing the hook after lifting the rod and running the fish occurs throughout the year, but it is obvious that it is most likely to occur in the winter when the water temperature is low and the weather is cold. In this season, it is the worst time for fish to fish. It feels that the fish is caught, and when the line is closed, there is more real strength from the water, but the fish always miraculously before they come out of the water. Normally, I ran away, and the low success rate was the highest in a year. Why is this happening? Winter is the cold season, the temperature is low, and the water temperature is also low. As a result, the fish's body will also lack sensitivity. Even when eating, it can only open its mouth halfway, and its intensity is reduced by half compared to usual.

In many cases, we often make misjudgments when faced with an endlessly moving rod, and the final result is that we decoupled and ran away. How to do? The measures are as follows.

1. To change the hook, add or subtract one number from the number of conventional hooks. For example, if you use hook 12 every day, you can switch between hooks 11 and 13 to see which hook is effective Which number will be used.

2. Change the lead sinker. Regarding the sinker in sinking bottom fishing, you can make corresponding changes depending on the rapid ocean current. Use heavy sinking for rapid currents and light sinking for slow currents, so that they can be pushed by the sea for 40 to 50 centimeters during the lifting and lowering process. it is good. The lighter sinker has lower resistance and is more conducive to the intake of hook bait by fish.

3. Change the sub-line. A thin line is a necessary measure for winter fishing. When fishing at sea, it is necessary for us to replace the unsatisfactory one with a smaller or one-size strand, and extend it appropriately on the basis of the original length.

July 03, 2021 — Charlotte L