Fishing in summer

The weather in summer is relatively hot, which is the off-season for many anglers, but the fish situation in summer is still quite good. Compared with the spring and winter seasons, it is also considered a golden season for fishing. Although the fishing conditions are good, many fishermen do not have any good catches in the summer. In addition to resources, what other fishing skills are caused by not mastering them?

1. Choose a good water area and determine the target fish.

In summer, the temperature is high and the fish in the waters are highly active. It is the growth period of many fishes. It is also the peak period of fish foraging. This provides anglers with good fishing time. The fish school is relatively active in summer, so fishing friends will encounter a problem when fishing. There are many small trash fish in the water, and fishing will definitely have a great impact. It is very likely that small trash fish will eat for half a day. , It is difficult to have a better catch.

In view of the high water temperature in summer, the more active fish situation, and the many small trash fish, fishermen should first determine their own target fish species according to the selected waters. For example, if you want to catch grass carp, then you'd better choose long Rod thick line, with fresh corn and other fishing bait, so that targeted fishing, with the right bait, may have a good harvest.

2. Choose a good time slot for fishing and get doubled

The temperature in summer is basically maintained at about 30 degrees. Now the temperature is very high after 8 o'clock in the morning. As the temperature rises, the water temperature in the waters also rises, and the foraging of fish will be affected. Many bottom fish will stop, and it is usually not easy for fishermen to catch them.

As the temperature rises in summer and the water temperature affects the eating of fish, it is best for anglers to choose early morning and evening fishing. Of course, they can also choose night fishing. Usually, most fish foraging will be ushered in from 8 to 12 in the evening. At peak time, this is also the best time for wild fishing.

This is the best verification of "it’s hard to catch midday fish for gods in summer", but some fish species are good at high temperatures, the most common is silver carp and bighead carp. Both silver carp and bighead carp like high temperature, and they are more suitable for fishing at noon in summer. However, considering that the number of silver carp and bighead carp in natural waters is small, many fishermen do not go wild fishing at noon in summer.

3. Meat bait for small fish, plain bait for big fish.

The biggest feature of summer fishing is the high temperature. The increase in water temperature will affect the foraging habits of fish. Generally, the big fish in the waters tend to prefer the vegetarian bait, while the small fish like the meat bait. Sometimes the weather is abnormally hot, and the fish do not. How to talk, we can add a small amount of fruit acid according to the situation to stimulate the appetite of the fish.

The most important thing for summer fishing is to grasp the changes in water temperature. Choose targeted fishing methods and bait according to the water area for fishing. The amount of fish obtained depends not only on resources, but also on the skills of the angler. It is also hot summer fishing. You know a lot, you can get good results by fishing according to the locality, and experience the fun of fishing!

July 14, 2021 — Charlotte L