Is it a fishing master with a minor bracket?

The emergence of fishing brackets is far from the emergence of fishing rods. Naturally, there will be many tools that can be used instead before the fishing brackets appear.

The appearance of the stent in fishing, not only liberating the hands of the fisherman, but also brought the fisherman's comfortable fishing experience.

With the development of fishing, there have been many brackets that are less than one meter in recent years in recent years. Friends who use these brackets often compare it. Give people a feeling of fishing masters. Is the real situation like this? Perhaps this article can give you an answer.

Let's talk about two different brackets.

Long bracket

The length of the long fishing bracket is born, far earlier than the birth time of the short bracket. At the beginning of the design, the fishing rod used at the time was generally heavier. The fisherman has a long time holding, which will cause a certain damage to the wrist and the arm. Furthermore, a bracket can be placed on the top of the fishing rod.

Short bracket

The short bracket appears in the competitive fishing, the length is generally around one meter, the longest will not exceed one meter. The difference between such short brackets and long brackets is that there is no rear hanging, and when used, most of the time needs to hold the fish. When using a longer fishing rod or a big fishing rod, its use is far dependent on the long bracket.

In actual fishing, long brackets are more suitable for fishing with slow fishing. The slower fishing is generally existed, and sometimes the time waiting for the mouth will be relatively long. The short bracket is different, it will be more suitable for faster fish. In fishing, frequent fans and throws, which will not be placed on the bracket too much, so the short bracket is more better.

When using different lengths of fishing rods, the use of the bracket will be different. For example, when using the same eight meters of fishing rods, the long bracket is more likely to be more than a short bracket. If this time it is forcibly using the short bracket, it is easy to cause the fishing rod to fall into the water.

It is not difficult to see the respective advantages after analyzing the features of different long short brackets and use the scene.

Like to watch friends with fishing video, seeing a lot of fishing friends will choose to use short brackets. Thus, correspondingly, the effect of short brackets in fishing is better than the long bracket.

In the actual fishing, it is not the case. Even short brackets, there is a lot more tired than long brackets.

Often when the use of short leg fishes, although the fishing rod used is not long, the fishing will be slower, and it will fall into the situation. Similarly, if you use a longer fishing rod, it is still useful when using a short bracket, that is, it is also known.

Among the actual fishing, the use of short brackets is not the exclusive fishing master, nor is it used to demonstrate the tools of fishing. It should be based on different fishing, fishing rods, and actual fishing to use different lengths of brackets.

July 13, 2021 — Charlotte L