Knowing the artificial lure is the key point, the selection skills of lure artificial lure

In recent years, it has been loved by more and more anglers. The lure fishing method may seem simple, but there are many different techniques, and different lures use different baits. The lure fishing method is a fake lure that imitates the swimming characteristics of small fishes to attract the predation of big fish. Only novices can get started quickly by choosing the right artificial bait!

1. Classification of artificial bait

There are many kinds of artificial lures in lure fishing methods, which can be roughly divided by different materials; soft lures, hard lures and metal lures. At first, novices have more lure blackfish, perch, and beak. Then soft lures are commonly used as one of the artificial lures, the most The characteristic soft bait is a capuchin maggot artificial bait, which is quite suitable for bass fishing. There are many types of soft baits in Luya according to different shapes, such as soft shrimp, striped insects, and crayfish. Thunder frogs that are commonly used to fight black are also soft bait. Soft bait is a very commonly used artificial bait. Most of the lure target fish like soft bait, but the operation is relatively difficult to control.

2. Sequin universal bait

Although lure soft bait is good, it is not easy for novices to control. Many novices learn lure from hard bait or metal lure. Most fishermen lure are in freshwater waters. In order to get started quickly, fishermen can choose sequins. The metal lure is easy to use, and it has obvious characteristics of attracting fish. For example, sequins are universal lure bait, which mainly rely on reflection to attract prey fish. The operation of sequins is quite easy, and it is aimed at many lure objects. Fish, even small white strips have good results.

3. VIB deep water features

There are relatively few lure resources in China. In many cases, deep-water fishing is required. For lure fishermen, VIB is the first choice. This kind of artificial lure is aimed at deep water, usually a double hook combination, which increases the probability of middle fish. Of course, you must pay attention to the rhythm of the operation. , Otherwise novices are prone to hang up.

There are many kinds of lure lures, and there are more characteristic lures, such as pencils, iron plates, and Mino. These lures imitate the swimming posture of small fish in the water, thus arousing the desire to prey on Luya's target fish. In fact, It is also similar to the taste of commercial bait. For different target fish to choose suitable bait, novice fishermen should know what to target fish and what kind of artificial bait to choose to increase the probability of catching the fish.

4. Luya artificial lure selection

Common lure freshwater fishes include lip-mouth, perch, blackfish, etc. From my personal experience, the lure frog is mostly used as a predator on the surface of the water. There are many kinds of artificial bait available for Luya's mouth. The most commonly used ones are Mino, sequins, pencils and wave steaks. Although the mouth is aquatic fish, the water layer for food is very wide, and the eating habits of the mouth are very mixed. , So many kinds of artificial bait can be used for fishing. Perch is also a common lure fish. The most commonly used lure perch for personal use is maggot soft bait. Of course, other types of soft insect bait can also be used. bait.

As a lure novice, if you want to get started quickly, it is important to be familiar with all kinds of lure target fish, so you can choose the most suitable artificial lure for fishing, which can greatly increase the probability of catching. For beginners, don’t be too blind. You can start with lure’s artificial lure. Above my personal experience of lure lure, I hope to help more fishermen. I’m also a lure novice. If you have any questions, We can discuss each other!

August 05, 2021 — Charlotte L