Offshore shallow sea boat fishing, how to choose the fishing rod, fishing reel and fishing line for boat fishing

1. Fishing rod

Under normal circumstances, fishing rods that can be used for rock fishing can also be used for boat fishing. However, due to the limited space on the boat, when choosing a fishing rod, the angler usually chooses a fishing rod above 50, and the rod length is 2.1~2.7. Fishing rod between meters. In the specific boat fishing process, it is best for the angler to equip two fishing rods with different weights, for example: one for each of No. 50 and No. 80, or one for each of No. 80 and No. 120. Such a root is used for fishing, and the other is used for emergencies, for example, when there are obvious changes in water depth, flow rate, and marine fish species. In addition, for the special sea fishing environment for boat fishing, there are special fishing rods in the fishing rods, such as trolling fishing rods and sunken bottom fishing rods.

2. Fishing reel

If the water area of ​​the boat fishing is within 15 meters, then the choice of fishing reels is actually relatively free, and the commonly used sea fishing reels can be used. If it is between 15 meters and 30 meters, then due to the influence of ocean currents and marine fish species, it is best for the angler to choose a long-throwing pressure reel, or a horizontal reel and drum line with a storage line of about 200 meters. wheel. And if it is deeper, about 40 meters, then the horizontal reel and drum reel with a storage line of about 200 meters are the best choice.

3. Fishing line

The main line of boat fishing generally requires a special braided line for boat fishing, the number is between 6 and 8. The braided line for boat fishing has strong tension, no ductility, and thin wire diameter.

4. Boat fishing hook
For boat hooks, choose between 15 and 24. As a lead sinker used with other fishing tackles, several different models should be prepared, for example: 100g \ 150g \ 200g \ 300g, because of the ocean current on the seabed, the water depth is more variable.

August 04, 2021 — Charlotte L