Novices develop these four good habits, and the catch is naturally indispensable

First, the management of waters in various places has been strengthened, and fishing is restricted in some places. For example, the illegal fishing method of sea poles and multiple hooks is prohibited. These irregular fishing methods also affect the normal fishing of normal fishing friends. Second, the creeks and forks in the no-man’s land that allow fishing are not enough for electricians and net workers. How can there be places where fishermen can fish normally? To be honest, there are fewer and fewer places to fish in the wild river waters!

At present, many fishing enthusiasts can only step into the black pits, charged reservoirs and other places for fishing, which also makes the fishing friends who originally liked wild fishing often feel unhappy. Now it’s not easy to find a piece of water that can be fished. It is too difficult. In order to ensure that fishing friends are happy and comfortable, we must make the following preparations: especially for novice fishing players, we must do these points. In order to effectively protect you from catching more fish than others, and fishing happily and comfortably, what preparations do you need? Listen to me telling you slowly, for your fishing friends to refer to and discuss together!

First, be optimistic about finding the fishing spot accurately in the waters and lay the nest in advance

The choice of fishing position can be said to be the most important thing. After choosing the fishing position, you can lay the nest in advance to attract fish to gather in the nest. Now it is different from previous years. It is necessary to change the traditional concept, break the traditional concept, and launch a new concept and new fishing. Besides, after the valley rain, the fish activity increases and the distribution is relatively scattered. Therefore, it is possible to catch the fish only if the nest is made in advance and the fish is lured. There is a problem that needs to be paid attention to. The weather forecast must be grasped in time, so that it can be effective and catch the fish. The best! As for the choice of fishing position and nesting material, I won't go into more details. The previous article and video have all introduced them in detail.

Second, pay attention to details when adjusting drift

If you want to adjust the float, we must pay attention to the details. First, adjust the state of the float, accurately find the bottom, trim the lead skin, and adjust the number of meshes you want according to the fish species and the depth of the water level. This fisherman is not Unfamiliar, according to the body details, I also talk a lot, so I won't be too long-winded. This adjustment is very important. Everyone should not underestimate the preparation work before fishing. Everyone understands that adjustment is for fishing. Only after adjustment can be done well. Everyone understands that floatation is the eyes of fishermen, so don't be sloppy!

Three, reasonable and flexible to open the bait

The bait should be opened before the adjustment of the float, allowing sufficient time to wake the bait. Everyone knows that the taste of the bait is very important. To do this, it is necessary to fully understand the habits of the fish. The fish knows the taste of fish. Simply speaking, it means to fully understand the movement of fish in each season, fully understand the changes of fish foraging in each season, know what flavor type the fish likes, and prescribe the appropriate flavor type based on judgment. Different species of fish have different bait-eating habits. Only when you understand these can you make a good bait and catch a good fish. Friends of anglers should not mess up the order of preparation before fishing, which can often not be underestimated by how much you catch! The process of opening the bait will not be described too much. The fishermen know that too much has been said, and the most important thing is your thinking, which decides everything!

Fourth, it is clear that it is used as a fishing species to open the bait

When we go out fishing, we must first clarify what we are fishing, and some let go to open the bait. It is best to open two different types of bait each time. Don’t overdo each one to avoid waste. The bait and flavor matching should be reasonable, and you can't blindly mix it up, causing unnecessary trouble and waste! You open the bait like this; the base material is 60%, the main attack is 20%, and the state is 15%.

If you don’t have a clear goal, start a comprehensive bait, such as the one I often use: fishy fragrance 50% + milk fragrance 30% + algae fragrance 20%, which basically kills, and is suitable for most regions. , Every fisherman will know the effect if you try it yourself!

Fishing you can have this idea, do these tasks well, even if you are a novice, practice more, the more you fish, the better you will be!

August 03, 2021 — Charlotte L