Precautions and care for the use of floats

In order to prevent mutual squeezing and collision between fishing tackle, it is generally necessary to prepare a special float box or float for these floats. In addition, you must be careful when inserting or pulling out the fishing float into or out of the float seat. The selected floating seat should be properly matched with the floating foot, and the matching size of the two should not be too tight.

When you finish fishing, you should develop a good habit of wiping the float with a wet towel, and completely clean the dirt on the float body and tip, which can keep the float smooth and make the tip bright and eye-catching, thereby extending The life of the fishing float.

Common mistakes:

1. Does the newly purchased fish float need to be scrubbed repeatedly to remove the peculiar smell?

No need! Even if there is a smell of paint on the fish float, it cannot be removed by washing. Only after a certain period of drying and volatilization can it be removed naturally.

2. In order to strengthen the water-breaking ability of the fish float, should the "membrane" on the float body be washed away?

This is a relatively low-level misunderstanding. Some fishermen think that by washing off the "membrane" on the float, the hydrophilicity of the float can be increased, and the surface tension of the water can reduce the movement resistance of the float, thereby improving the sensitivity of the float. As everyone knows, as a result, the waterproof paint film on the float body was also fatally damaged, causing early damage to the float and shortening its service life.

3. In order to increase the smoothness and movement sensitivity of the float, is it necessary to wax the float?

There is no need, because the movement sensitivity of the float is adjusted by the angler. The smoothness can be maintained by simply scrubbing with a soft damp towel. It is unnecessary to bleach and wax the fish.

4. When the floating tip is accidentally damaged or bent (but not broken) and needs to be corrected, can it be roasted with fire?

It can be corrected, but it is not roasted. The correct method is: fill a teacup with boiling water, use the rising hot steam to heat the curved floating tip, and then apply a slight external force to correct it. Finally, insert the upper and lower ends of the float into the screen window at the same time, so that the curved part of the float tip will continue to receive light force, so that after one or two hours of correction, the curved float tip can generally be repaired.

5. In order to reduce the water absorption rate of the fishing float, is it necessary to soak the ready-to-use fishing float in the water for a long time before the game?

This is just a temporary solution, not a permanent cure. Some fish floats do have the phenomenon of water seepage from the float body and changes in the adjustment of the eye due to quality reasons. In the case of no float can be replaced, this method can be used to deal with it, but this is not a long-term solution after all. The best way: immediately replace a high-quality high-quality fishing float.

July 27, 2021 — Charlotte L