Reactive Bait and Fine Bait

Anglers, do you know enough about fine bait and reactive bait? What is fine bait? What is reactive bait? In fact, the hard bait we usually use is called reactive bait; such as lead-free, upside-down and other fishing rigs. Soft bait is called fine bait.

The difference between reaction bait and fine bait

The simple understanding of the reaction bait is to stimulate the fish's response, which is a bit similar to the human knee-jump reflex. The fish will instinctively bite the bait without being judged by the appropriate stimulation. Fine bait can be roughly understood as a bait that uses fish to forage and drive naturally, giving the fish time to judge and biting the hook.

There are many classifications of these two kinds of bait, and under certain circumstances, they can be transformed into each other. You can use swim bait to grind the fish, or you can use the upside down to catch the reaction, all depends on the fish and you. But under certain conditions, these two kinds of bait can be given different functions.

Change the inherent thinking

Don't solidify your thinking, apply the thinking of the angler to the fish. On the contrary, to understand and accept the state of the fish that day, the angler should choose the appropriate bait according to the state of the fish.

Fine bait fishing reaction mouth

The soft bait of the Texas fishing squad belongs to the fine bait, and the Texas fishing squad also belongs to a kind of fine fishing. The bass will not bite when dragging the bottom of the Texas fishing rig, but bite the bite when dragging the Texas fishing rig out of the obstacle. The bottom drag of the Texas fishing rig belongs to the fine fishing method. The fish bites the hook at the moment of breaking away from the obstacle, and what we are fishing is the reaction mouth.

Reactive bait fine fishing

In winter, when the weather is cold, the temperature is low, and the reactivity of the fish is not high, the reaction bait needs to be constantly pumped and stopped. It may be necessary to do many pumping and stop actions before the fish will give the mouth. At this time, the two types of bait cannot be strictly defined.

June 04, 2021 — Charlotte L