Root fishing equipment is simple but needs to be targeted

Root fishing is mainly for small fish species, and it is also my favorite method. This article also focuses on root fishing. Then there are the following types of equipment:

1. A fishing rod. First of all, a fishing rod must have a good sense of signal transmission. The fishing rod does not float. All signals are transmitted by the fishing rod. When the bait travels in the water, the underwater conditions such as stones, trees, and terrain Information such as high and low changes are passed to us so that we can make judgments. If the signal transmission ability is poor, not only the fish cannot be caught, but the fate is unavoidable. Therefore, the most important thing for a fishing rod is the ability to transmit signals. The transmission is mutual. When we lift the rod and stab the fish, the power will be quickly transmitted to it. fish. Second is the toughness. Although a fishing rod looks small, it also needs a certain degree of toughness. Especially in sea fishing, many target fish have the characteristics of diamond-head seams, which do not quickly pull the fish out of the obstacle area. It's hard to deal with.

Generally speaking, use UL or L for small roots, and ML or M for middle roots. If most of them are fishing on the shore, small roots are enough. If you want to pursue agility, choose a solid rod tip. Generally, a length of 2.1-2.4 meters is sufficient for use, depending on the waters you often go to. The most important point is that it must be fast-tuned. You can even understand that a fishing rod is a fast-tuned lure rod.

2. Fishing reels. Spinning wheels are strongly recommended here. After all, spinning wheels have a lower error rate than drop wheels, and the chance of firing guns is also small. However, you can choose the skill according to your own situation. Generally, the 2000 model of spinning wheels is sufficient. At the same time, this model can be used for both freshwater and sea fishing. It is required to choose a high-speed ratio as much as possible. The high-speed ratio can tighten the line as soon as possible. Perception of the mouth.

3. The choice of fishing line. Since it is a small root fishing, it is usually a small fish species and does not need too thick fishing line. There are three conventional fishing lines to choose from, carbon line, nylon line, PE line, my experience It is the priority to choose the PE line, and the line number is 0.8-1.2 to ensure the pulling force. The second is the carbon wire, which has good abrasion resistance. The disadvantage is that it is too easy to be twisted and the carbon wire is more expensive. You can consider the PE wire as the main wire and the carbon wire as the leader. However, I am very lazy and I directly pass the PE wire. Lazy to tie the front wire, after all, the fish I often catch generally can't bite the position of the line. The last is nylon thread. This is not recommended. It is thicker and affects the throwing distance, and the pulling force is not enough. The biggest disadvantage is that the ductility will cause the novice to perceive blur. Sometimes the bottom is not strong. Rebound, if it hits the face, it is very troublesome.

4. Lead hook and crank hook. This choice varies from person to person. Depending on your own preference, I personally prefer Texas fishing rigs, some people like inverted line rigs, and some people like direct lead hooks. It doesn’t matter. , I can use whichever is convenient. The fishermen who are new to contact should pay attention to the size of the crank hook to match the soft insect. The larger the number of the crank hook, the smaller the body. The weight is, 2-4 grams of lead hook is sufficient. Crank hook As for whether it is wide abdomen or narrow, you can even use a tube to pay hook. This is for your own consideration.

5. Soft bugs and small accessories, soft baits can only be made clear through more fishing. Everyone has several types that they think are easy to use. This kind of soft bugs are cheap, so buy more different types. , What kind of T-tail, capuchin, shrimp-type, fish-type, single-tailed, double-tailed, buy some in various colors, this is not afraid of too many. Other accessories such as gear beads, 4-10 grams of bullet copper (the weight should be determined according to the depth of the water), dumping of lead, biting lead, fish control, fish lock, etc. are all necessary, prepare a bag and put it in in.

July 31, 2021 — Charlotte L