Want to challenge the fastest fish in the world? A guide to fishing sailfish at Yunbing Fishing Field

Compared with professional fishing friends, many friends who have no fishing experience also want to participate, but fishing does require a certain technical content. At the same time, many fishing grounds are in poor conditions. Therefore, mid-to-high-end sea fishing with tourism and leisure properties has gradually become popular. , Can satisfy both fishing enthusiasts and occasional tasters.

Yunbing is located in Pahang on the east coast of Malaysia's West Malaysia Peninsula. Yunbing is not a city. It is more appropriate to describe it as a small village or a fishing port.

It is such a unique geographical location. When the ocean current changes, thousands of sailfish will migrate to the vicinity of Yunbing. There are abundant bait fish resources here. Therefore, from July to October every year, the seas of the world Fishing enthusiasts will come to Yunbing one after another to enjoy the feast of sailfish. As the main industry, Yunbing also holds a sailfish competition every year, so if you want to experience the joy of fishing sailfish, Yunbing Fishing Ground is your first choice .

Detailed explanation of sailfish fishing method and fishing tackle

Sailfish is the fastest fish species in the world, up to 120 kilometers per hour. It is a large target fish with beautiful shape and great impact. After being hooked, it often rushes out more than 100 meters at a time, so it has become a lot. The ultimate goal fish in the minds of anglers. July is the season with the largest individual sailfish. The sailfish that can reach Yunbing first is definitely the largest and most vigorous part. August-October is when the density is highest. You can choose the fishing time according to your own conditions.

1. Fishing rod. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or a novice, you don’t need to bring your own flag fishing rod (most fishermen don’t have it). The local fishing grounds will prepare it. Instead, it is recommended to bring a lure rod. The M tune is good. It is used as bait fish and others. Fingerling use. When fishing sailfish, up to two people on a fishing boat can fish at the same time. The process of waiting for the fish is very boring, so you can use lure rods to fish for other fish species at this time.

2. Fishing bait. It is divided into live bait and lure bait, but the way of lure requires familiarity with the waters, so the release of live bait is the most relaxing and comfortable way. A local cyan and yellow-tailed small fish is the favorite of sailfish. Hang it on the hook, let it go down the stream and wait for it to bite.

3. After the fish is in the middle, you only need to hold the fishing rod at the beginning, and let the sailfish swim by itself to consume its physical strength. At this time, even if you desperately shake the wheel, it will not help. Wait until the sailfish's swimming speed slows down. The feel of such a giant. Go fish up and down, shake the wheel when you pull the rod up, and don't do it when you put the rod down. The only suggestion is to have a sense of rhythm.

4. There are usually several people on a boat. When it is not your turn to fish for sailfish, you can use your own lure rod, whether it is a slow rocking iron plate or a water surface or hanging live bait to fish at the bottom, grouper, Sea mines, sea breams, squids, etc. can all be used as target fish, so let's go to the scene to experience the specific fishing techniques.

August 01, 2021 — Charlotte L