Sea Fishing

The sea, presumably the inland friends are very longing for, if you can fish in the blue sea, it would be more comfortable, but where are the fish hiding in this endless sea? How should I fish?

There is a big difference between sea fishing and freshwater fishing, and the fishing methods and ideas are completely different. So, if we want to catch fish in the sea, we have to study it.

First of all: the sea has two high tides and low tides every day, and the daily rise and fall times are also different, basically every day is about 45-50 minutes later than the previous day. Although there is still a lot of water in the sea after the low tide, it is difficult to catch fish. Therefore, we must master the fishing "rising five points and falling eight points", which means that when the tide rises almost halfway, start fishing. Fishing until the low tide is close to the lowest tide. During this time period, it is very suitable for fishing.

Secondly, let’s talk about several basic fishing methods for offshore fishing:

1. Beach fishing, as the name implies, is fishing in places such as beaches and beaches. The equipment can be sea poles or long-throwing poles with a length of three meters or more, with a string hook fishing set, to cast and cast the bottom. This fishing method is relatively simple and does not require other equipment, but the disadvantage is that the number and species of fish near the shore are not many. Beach fishing requires very few accessories, such as quick pins, string hook sets, lead sinkers or iron sinkers can be used for fishing.

2. The name of floating rock fishing sounds very foreign, tall and tall, in fact, it is not that mysterious. It is a way of floating fishing on the shore, which is similar to throwing fishing, but rock fishing needs to control the fishing group with floats. In semi-water, this hook bait floats along the undercurrent, increasing the chance of catching fish. A set of rock fishing rods is required, and novices recommend buying one with a hardness of 2 or higher. Floats can use Awa, vertical floats, etc., but also need small accessories such as water, cotton knots, semi-circular beads, anti-collision beans, Karaman rods, lead bites, etc., which is a bit cumbersome. However, there are more types of fish that can be caught by floating rock fishing than beach fishing. Since the fishing group is drifting with the flow, the search area is also much larger. Coupled with proper nesting, the probability of catching fish is higher.

3. Boat fishing is much simpler. The first condition is that you are not seasick, otherwise the feeling is too uncomfortable. Secondly, you need to have a boat, or rent or buy; offshore boat fishing equipment is relatively simple, only You need a set of light and hard boat fishing rods, and the accessories are relatively simple, such as quick swivel, quick pin, balance or single pole, fish hook, lead sinker or iron sinker.

4. The lure fishing method here is basically the same as the lure fishing method you know about, and it can be widely used in various occasions. Whether it’s fishing for lure by boat or on the rocks on the shore, the method is not much different from that of freshwater lure. Because of its skillfulness, many friends like to play. Unfortunately, the current fish resources are a little scarce. This fishing method can There is not much room for display. The lure fishing equipment is very easy, a set of lure fishing rods, you can choose a hardness above MH, because the fish on the shore will not be too big; you need to prepare more types of artificial bait, which is not the same as the fish that you like on the day All kinds of colors and shapes, such as wave climbing, pencils, sequins, soft insects, etc., can all catch fish. Choose the appropriate water layer and technique according to different time periods. In fact, sea fishing is not as difficult as everyone thinks, but the choice of bait, the tide, and the fishing spot are not right, and the harvest is very small. It is recommended that fishing friends who are fishing for the first time find an old sea fishing driver to take a ride. The above four fishing methods, except for the other three fishing methods, can use silkworms, shrimps, squid whiskers, etc. as bait, and try to ensure the freshness of the bait.

June 15, 2021 — Charlotte L