Rock fishing

Rock fishing is a fascinating marine fishing project. It needs to go out to sea and needs to use boats to reach the fishing grounds. Standing on the reef all day with the waves, and the reef as a company, there is also a certain degree of danger. When fishing activities, safety must be the first priority, must know some precautions and take some safety measures.

Before going to sea, you must do your meteorological homework and collect the conditions of the fishing grounds in many ways. The weather includes weather changes, ocean hydrology, fishing grounds geography, etc., the more detailed the better, so as not to fight unprepared battles, strong winds, and large Going out to sea is cancelled in fog and heavy rain. Find an experienced boatman and hire a better-maintained boat. When the ship is on top of the reef, jump off the reef when the bow of the ship is topped by the wave, and go off the reef with your bare hands. Avoid holding objects with both hands, as the center of gravity is unstable and easy to fall. That is, when carrying things on the reef, avoid holding things with both hands at the same time. The correct way is to free up one hand to prevent you from grabbing the reef wall with your bare hands after losing the center of gravity on the uneven reef, so as not to fall.

Be sure to wear rock fishing shoes and life jackets correctly, and wear gloves. In some rock-fishing competitions, it is not allowed to board the boat to participate in the competition without wearing rock-fishing shoes and life jackets correctly, which shows the importance of safety in rock-fishing activities. Rocky fishing shoes can allow the angler to walk on the reef to avoid slipping. The life jacket is the equipment to prevent the angler from floating on the water and waiting for rescue after falling into the water. Both are our self-rescue equipment, so we must keep in mind.

Many people are required to travel together, and the family must be informed of the destination of the fishing trip before departure. It is best for two people to go to the same fishing spot together and take care of each other. If it doesn't work anymore, then the two will be in sight of each other, and the novice must find an experienced veteran as the master, step by step, and then go on the reef independently and boldly. Communication equipment such as mobile phones and walkie-talkies must be fully charged to keep the equipment normal and unblocked, and try to carry it with you.

The first task after Zhongyu is to stay calm, pay attention to the spatial position around the fishing position, find places that are easy to move, and prepare for the fish. If you have caught a big fish, you need to stay calm and wait until the fish is turned over. Do not stand on the edge of a low, wet reef when you pick up the fish, and be careful not to be driven into the sea by the waves.

Fishing only requires the process without paying too much attention to the result. Keep a calm mind and don't pursue the catch one-sidedly. In fishing, catching the big ones and letting the small ones go, the harvest is certainly gratifying, and the release part will make people more respectful.

June 16, 2021 — Charlotte L