Sea fishing and sea boat fishing

The sea fishing

According to the different ways, sea fishing can be divided into ocean bottom fishing, ocean float fishing and ocean play fishing.

Bottom fishing in the ocean is the use of hooks, hanging lead pendant in the tail of the fishing group, the hook, bait directly into the bottom of a fishing method, mostly used for fishing bottom fish.

Float fishing is a fishing method in which the hook and bait are just suspended in the water by choosing the right weight of the lead pendant and the reasonable ratio of the buoyancy of the float. Float fishing suitable for fishing pelagic fish, such as bamboo fish, golden small sardines and so on. If the wind and waves are larger, it is advisable to choose heavy lead pendant, so as not to drift the bait. If the bait has drifted away, you should pick up the rod and cast again.

Fishing like freshwater fishing, do not need to float and fish pendant, only with the sea rod with bait or live fish, by the fishing line in the water quickly startled, attracting fast surface sea fish to come to prey. Play fishing in the bait into the water that should quickly pull the line, swing around. Since there is no float, it can only rely on the feeling of hand. Once the tip of the pole is bent and the hand holding the pole has a feeling of sinking, the fish will bite the hook. At this time should be immediately put out, to the fish to swim and swallow the hook room, until the fish has swallowed the hook, no longer swim forward, you can close the line net fish.

The water boat fishing

Seawater boat fishing has fixed point fishing, release fishing and drag fishing several common ways.

If there are artificial fishing grounds, seaweed areas or reefs near the sea, such as good fishing spots, anglers can drive boats to these places, the boat anchors for fixed-point fishing. Spot fishing refers to the common fishing method, mainly for near the bottom of the fish, such as grouper, eel, squid, octopus, etc.

Release fishing is the angler on the boat, let the boat drift, bait, hook is also floating in the water, bait bait. The main objects are hair tail, conger eel and so on. Release fishing can not use fishing rod, only a wooden winding wheel can, bait general application of live bait, such as small fish, shrimp and so on.

Trawl fishing is suitable for fast fishing of large fish, such as shark, tuna, bonito, swordfish, etc. Trawl fishing requires high speed boats to carry the angler and is carried out with electric reels. When the boat is traveling at high speed, the angler holds the fishing rod and drags the special fishing group, such as thick line, big hook, "airplane" float, etc., so it is called drag fishing.

May 26, 2021 — Charlotte L