A few things you need to know about sea fishing

What is the sea pole throwing method

The sea pole is mainly used for sea fishing and can also be used for fresh water fishing. According to the characteristics of the sea pole, there are several ways of throwing:

(1) Up throwing style: two feet apart, feet stand forward, body center of gravity to the left foot, left hand hold line, fall. At a 40-50 degree Angle, swing the rod with your right hand and throw the drop with your left. Using this method, the swing amplitude of the line is small, the drop point is accurate, and it is simple and easy to learn.

(2) Oblique throw: back half step with the left foot, turn back the left shoulder, hold the sea pole with both hands at the same time, and the pole is at a 45 degree Angle to the horizontal surface. Hold the line with your left index finger, rest your weight on your right foot, and swing the tip from your right hand. When the pendant passes overhead, let go of the fishing line so that the pendant falls naturally into the water. This method is not easy to master, need to practice repeatedly, once skilled, can be cast far, accurate target, easy to operate, especially suitable for sea fishing.

In addition, there are many other ways, such as the side throw (the mid-line of the drop line is between the top throw and the diagonal throw), the one-arm throw, the sitting throw, and the kneeling throw.

What is the role of the winding wheel

The ocean area is wide, the water is deep, the requirement is long fishing line. In order to facilitate the angler to equip and adjust the length of the fishing line, the winding wheel came into being. Winding reel is a necessary tool for sea rod and sea fishing, and it is widely used. The winding wheel can be divided into electric winding wheel, sealed winding wheel and spinning winding wheel, disk winding wheel and pocket winding wheel and other varieties.

The electric winding wheel is operated by electric motor, which is convenient and accurate. After the fish is hooked, it automatically picks up the line and pulls the fish. But the volume of the electric winding wheel is very large, and it is not convenient to carry. Spinning type winding wheel operation is also very simple, fast winding speed, moderate volume, is widely used a winding wheel.

Is it better to distinguish the tip of a sea rod from its body

Generally speaking, it is better to distinguish the tip of the sea rod from its body. Because the pole tip and rod body color difference is more conducive to the line of sight observation. However, the sea rod without color does not have this advantage. It is easy to see in the sunlight. Generally, the pole tip is yellow or white.

May 27, 2021 — Charlotte L