Sun protection clothing

The special sun protection clothing for fishing has good air permeability, water repellency and sun protection, which is a comfortable guarantee for outdoor fishing users.

The main function of sun protection clothing is to prevent the direct radiation of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Its function is the same as that of a parasol. It protects the skin from the sun and darkens. This is a compulsory course for many ladies who love beauty. Of course, sun protection is not just for beauties. People in all outdoor activities should take good care of themselves and take care of sun protection.

The biggest feature of outdoor sunscreen clothing is translucent, cool to wear and sunscreen. Its principle is the anti-ultraviolet fabric with sunscreen additives added to the fabric. There are also some sunscreen fabrics that use ceramic micropowder and fiber to increase the reflection and scattering of ultraviolet rays on the surface of the clothes, and prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging human skin through the fabric.

How to choose sun protection clothing

Usually the "sunscreen clothing" sold by the merchants is actually very poor in UV isolation, especially those that are known as thin and light products, most of which are clothes that do not fade from the sun, not the skin.

There are generally three types of sunscreen clothing: one is colored cotton fabric clothing. Bright colors such as cyan, red, blue, and green have the highest UV isolation rate. The second is sunscreen fabrics. The production principle of this kind of fabric is very simple. In fact, it is to add sunscreen additives to the fabrics. If there are special needs, the fabrics are made by thick finishing. The so-called thick finishing is to weave the fabric with greater density. Some. The third type is special fabric clothes.

Although they are all called sun protection clothes, most brands of sun protection clothes are just verbal words from the salesperson. Only some outdoor brands are marked with "sun protection", "UPF40+", "UPF30+" and other words on some of the clothes. There are descriptions such as "ultraviolet shielding, can effectively absorb UVA and UVB". Different from the sunscreen clothing with different fabrics on the market, the fabric of outdoor brand sunscreen clothing is almost 100% nylon, transparent style and soft texture.

The hazards of sun exposure

"Everything grows by the sun", sunlight is an essential substance for maintaining human life activities. However, excessive exposure to excessive ultraviolet rays can decompose the pre-fibrils of the skin and degeneration of elastic fibers, reduce the toughness and elasticity of the skin, deepen wrinkles, darken the complexion, appear age spots and other aging manifestations, and aggravate chloasma, freckles, darkening, etc. Some can also cause photosensitive dermatitis, which is one of the causes of skin cancer.

Sun protection measures

Choose the right time for fishing: Sooner or later is the best time for fish to forage, and the sun is not strong at this time. As the saying goes: It is difficult for gods to catch midday fish. Since the fish have all gone to rest, we should also hurry up to eat and rest, replenish our energy and wait for a good time to fish before sunset.

Umbrellas: Parasols in fishing gear are a powerful tool for sun protection. Many of them now have UV protection and wind resistance.

Apply sunscreen products: Both sunscreen and sunscreen oil can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin, and they are also simple and easy sunscreen methods.

Choose the right fishing position: Fish are temperature-tending. When the sun is strong, the fish will swim to deep water or move to waters under the shade of trees.

Wear sun protection equipment: sun hats, polarizers, and sun protection clothing are all effective fishing equipment for sun protection.

July 24, 2021 — Charlotte L