The bait should have these three characteristics

There are two functions of lure erbium, one is to lure fish into the nest, and the other is to keep fish in the nest. It can not only attract the fish into the nest, but also keep the fish in the nest for a long time, so as to catch more fish. This is the purpose of choosing the best bait.

So how can we achieve this goal? This requires that the bait must have the characteristics of color, taste and dispersion.

Color-The bait must have a bright color. This is because the visual function of the fish is extremely poor, and you can only see Dongliang 1-2 meters away in the water. However, fish has a strong ability to distinguish the color of food. It relies on the action of cone cells in the retina to recognize the color, and relies on the action of rod-shaped cells to respond to light. Especially for red, yellow, white, green, and blue colors are extremely sensitive, but at night, their ability to react to colors is greatly reduced. Therefore, the choice of bait must highlight the color. Red, yellow, and white should be preferred, followed by green and blue, especially white is the best, so as to enhance the attracting power of fish.

Taste-The bait must have a certain smell that the fish likes. The olfactory organs of fish are very developed, and their olfactory function is stronger than that of other aquatic vertebrates. The nose of a fish is even sharper than that of a dog, and it can smell ten meters or even dozens of meters in the water, and it can track long distances. Most freshwater fish have the characteristic of eating food with a certain smell. Some like to eat scent (such as carp, crucian, grass, etc.); some like to eat sour taste (such as silver carp); some like to eat sour or bad smell (such as flower silver carp); some like to eat fishy smell (such as turtle ); Some like to eat fishy smell (such as catfish). Fish are all good at "taste", and it dismisses foods that are both colorless and tasteless.

Therefore, the choice of bait should work hard on the smell, according to the type of fishing, or fragrant, or acid, or smelly, or fishy, ​​or mutton, the fish is good. But it must be noted that each kind of bait can only have one smell, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Dispersion-the bait must spread quickly in the water. The faster it spreads and the larger its range, the more fish will be lured into the nest. This requires that the bait particles should be relatively small and approximate to powder. The smaller the particles, the more difficult it is for the fish to eat. This can achieve the purpose of keeping the fish in the nest for a longer time. Once it finds the bait, which is more delicious than the bait, it will go to eat it unceremoniously. 

July 18, 2021 — Charlotte L