The three ways of boat fishing

In addition to shore fishing, boat fishing is also the choice of many sea fishing enthusiasts. After all, there are more marine fish resources in the far seas than offshore. The common methods of boat fishing are: fixed-point fishing, stream fishing and trolling.

  1. Spot fishing

Spot fishing is a way to drop anchor and let the boat stop in a fixed sea area, and then go fishing. The target fish are mainly near-sea fish, such as grouper, moray, squid, octopus, etc. If there are artificial fishing grounds, seaweed areas, or reef groups near the coastal waters and other good fishing spots, sea anglers can drive the boat to these places, drop the boat at anchor, and then conduct fixed-point fishing.

  1. Release fishing

To put it simply, this fishing method is to allow the boat to drift with the flow and let the bait and hook float in the water, thereby attracting the fish to the bait. The main objects of this type of fishing are: hairtail, moray, etc. In release fishing, the angler does not need a fishing rod, but only uses a wooden reel. The bait is usually live bait, such as small fish, shrimp, and loach.

  1. Trolling

To deal with fast-moving large fishes, such as sharks, tuna, bonito, sailfish, etc., trolling is suitable. First, the small boat travels at high speed, and then the angler holds the fishing rod, and drags the sea fish with a special fishing set, thick line, big hook, float, etc., and finally makes the target fish tired and no longer struggling. However, this fishing method has certain requirements on the speed of the boat, and usually requires a high speed boat, supplemented by an electric reel.

June 09, 2021 — Charlotte L