Sea Fishing
The choice of weather when fishing at sea is very important. The weather factors that affect sea fishing are nothing more than temperature, air pressure and sea breeze. Generally speaking, when the weather is clear and sunny, the air pressure is high, and the water temperature is high, and the fish are very active. Foggy days, sultry days, and cloudy days, because of the low air pressure, people are still uncomfortable. Needless to say, the fish needless to say. Therefore, when the air pressure is low, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is low, and the fish will not bite because of lack of oxygen. Wind force and wind direction are also important factors that affect fish bite. The northwest wind of level three or four is most suitable for fishing, while the southeast and southwest winds make it difficult to fish! And the wind should not exceed level five. In strong winds and waves, due to strong winds and waves, it will be difficult to catch fish. The temperature of the water body is further reduced and whether shore fishing or boat fishing is extremely dangerous, it is not suitable to go fishing in windy and heavy weather. In the light rain, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the seawater increases, and the enthusiasm of fish to eat increases. It is also a suitable weather for sea fishing. Fish like to go upstream, so they should go fishing in the wind. Of course, when the boat hooks down the wind, the speed is fast, and it is okay to stand at the stern of the boat.

Sea fishing gear must be prepared in advance. Sea fishing is not better than freshwater fishing. Generally, you do not use poles. Therefore, you must prepare rock poles, sea poles and other throwing rods before fishing, and choose the size. If you are fishing on the coast, you can choose shore poles with a length of about 5.4 meters, from No. 1.5 to No. 2. According to the size of the target fish, it is equipped with the corresponding hook line set and live bait. It is necessary to abandon the scarred or old hook and old line to avoid the broken line and escape, and regret it.
June 08, 2021 — Charlotte L