Tips for Lu Ya novice equipment selection

1. Strengthen confidence

As a newbie in Luya, I have experience: I haven't caught a fish for a long time, and my interest in Luya has become lower and lower over time, and I even have the idea of ​​giving up. But it was a morning walk that rekindled my confidence in Luja.

Therefore, as a lure novice, the first thing you need is the spirit of not giving up, and you will always catch the fish.

2. Reasonable equipment
When you first enter Luya, don't pursue too much equipment. The most important thing is to suit yourself. Specifically, there are the following points.

The length of the lure rod is too long to be difficult to cast, and too short to cast is not far. It is recommended to choose 2.1 meters. For the tonality, it is better to choose the medium soft and hard, choose L or ML, and choose ML at the beginning. It is suitable for artificial bait of about 3-12 grams.

In this way, small fish can also get the feel of beating fish. Generally, individual mandarin fish and tilapia can better reflect the feeling of lure stimulation.

The category of luya rods is classified according to the handle, one is straight handle and the other is gun handle. This is based on the lure wheel used, straight handle with spinning wheel, gun handle with horizontal wheel (also called small tortoise or toad wheel) or throwing drum wheel.

It is best to choose a spinning wheel, which is the sea rod wheel we usually see, with a straight handle rod. After opening the line cup, it is in a free line state, and the line resistance is very small. As long as the pole is selected properly, even a very light lure can throw a long enough distance and is easy to get started.

The control of the drop wheel is different from that of the spinning wheel. Although the force is sufficient and the directivity is good, the adjustment period of the primary lure is longer.

Artificial bait: It is mainly divided into two categories: soft bait and hard bait. Beginners are recommended to start with soft bugs, and hard baits start with Minor.

Mino choice: Mino with uvula floating water is a good choice. Usually, you should not dive deeper than 0.5 meters. You can use it at night or when you find fish chasing on the surface. It is recommended to buy a better one!

The big tongue mino, can be dropped into the water 1.0-2.0 meters, suitable for intensive fish, or searching during the day, just buy a few dollars each, as a bottom to find fish.

Sequins, usually weighing 4-8 grams, have a good effect on fishing in the day and evening.

Because the shape of many luyas does not fully reflect their posture in the water, this needs to be slowly realized in the actual use process in the future. Colors are also their favorites. In fact, human beings do not know the preferences of fish, and the choice of color is determined by subjective conjecture and preferences.

Luya pliers: a necessary tool for lure people.

July 20, 2021 — Charlotte L