What to do if the water in the fish tank turns green

The reason why the water in the fish tank turns green is because the water will produce a lot of green algae. The appearance of green algae brings bad visual sense to the fish tank, and it also absorbs oxygen in the water and releases carbon dioxide. That is to say, the green algae and the fish will take the oxygen in the water. If the green algae is not cleaned, it will not only threaten the life of the fish, but also destroy the ecological environment in the fish tank.

The growth of any living thing in the world cannot do without food and living environment, and the same is true for green algae. The living environment of green algae is light. If the aquarium is exposed for too long, green algae will be produced in the water. And the food of Chlorella is the feed that fish can't eat when we usually feed. The feed will slowly decay and decompose in the water, which brings the nutrients it needs to the green algae.

Water pollution is also one of the reasons for the existence of green algae. For example, if the density of fish in the aquarium is too high, or there are too many aquatic plants, etc., the aquarium will be polluted.

After understanding the growth factors of green algae, we are about to deal with green algae. Knowing the reasons, it will be much easier to deal with. In view of the reasons for the growth of green algae, we can do the following measures:

1. When you find that the water in the fish tank turns green, change the water in time.

2. It is necessary to add a powerful filtration system in the fish tank to improve the ability to deal with pollutants in the fish tank, which can cut off the food source of green algae and make the water difficult to turn green.

3. If the water in the fish tank has turned green, change the water frequently to remove the green algae on the tank wall.

4. You can raise some fish that eat green algae in the aquarium.

5. Don't feed too much when feeding to avoid producing the nutrients needed by Chlorella.

6. The fish in the fish tank should not be too dense.

7. Reduce the sunshine time of the fish tank.

June 25, 2021 — Charlotte L