Ice Fishing

In fishing, or in any sport, previous experience is especially important. In the cold days, it takes a little practical skill to experience the fun of ice fishing in nature without the comfort of greenhouse. There are many differences between winter ice fishing and other seasons, so many fishermen have summed up some simple and easy to remember fishing proverbs through their own practice, which are a good guide and help for many ice fishing lovers.

How to choose a spot for ice fishing

As a fishing proverb goes, "Pit holes are the best fishing spots", which requires fishermen to be familiar with the underwater topography before they can choose the right spot. They also said, "Fishing beside the pool on a warm day, fishing in a river bay on a cold day," and "If the sun shines in winter, don't fish in a deep place." These were summarized according to the temperature-tropism of fish. Because "the water temperature is not suitable, there is no chance to drop the pole". A fishing proverb also goes, "When fishing for grass in ice, there are many fish under water." Places with many withered grass, fish can hide, and wind and cold, is the best habitat for fish in winter. Winter fishing must pay attention to the change of the weather, generally speaking, strong winds, heavy snow and cloudy days should not be out of fishing, even if it is sunny also want to choose the lee of the sun to cut ice eye. Therefore, a fishing proverb tells us, "ice fishing is feasible when facing the sun and leeward", "it is better to fish in shallow shoals facing the sun than deep pools with the sun at the back". In short, ice fishing has one thing in common with other seasonal location selection, which is to take full account of water temperature, dissolved oxygen and food, as these are the basic elements of location selection.

Ice fishing bait selection

"Seasons change, eating habits change." Ice fishing is a variety of baits, but the basic fresh meat - based bait. Fishermen say :" Spring meat and summer natural autumn, ice fishing meat and bait fish most greedy." Ice fishing baits are bee pupae and earthworm (with earthworm to dip in sesame oil or essence), hook rate is far higher than other baits, and easy to use. Ice fishing to first lure after fishing, bait to choose fragrant or fishy, this is mainly "summer fish find bait, winter bait find fish". If the "nest hair float, certainly the bait has a problem", to the best of the bait than the bait, the fish will be hooked.

Ice fishing tips

Ice fishing skills can be summarized as: one lure, two incense, three tease. There is a fishing saying :" Cut the ice hole to throw bait, don't rush to hook for a while ". When making a hole in the ice, the fish will be frightened and flee into the water. Therefore, to use the smell of the bait to lure the fish back again, do not have to hurry down the hook. Fishery proverb also said :" winter fishing swallows light action, drift head lift pole." Winter fish body stiff, eating is half mouth, rarely see drift sink or rise multi - purpose phenomenon. As long as you see the fish moving up and down, you can raise the pole. Don't miss the opportunity. A fishing proverb says, "Lift, pull, hold and amuse the fish, and you will not worry about catching them." When the fish do not eat the hook, gently lift the line every three to five minutes, let the bait in dynamic, this will often be immediate results.

May 28, 2021 — Charlotte L