Fishing Bait

According to the principle of attracting fish, baits can be divided into real baits and false baits. The so-called real bait, is the fish can eat animal, plant bait general name, mainly by causing the appetite of fish to lure fish. Fry, also known as dummy bait or bait, is a small device made of plastic, metal, or other material that resembles a small fish, shrimp, or insect. When fishing, through the operation of the angler, make it similar to natural living things in the water, to induce the fierce fish to take the bait.

According to the nature of bait, it can be divided into plant bait, animal bait and mixed animal and plant bait. The last two kinds of bait, we habitually call it fishy bait or meat bait.

According to the role of bait, but also can be divided into bait and fishing bait. But that was the way it used to be, and it doesn't look accurate now. Because the bait itself can lure fish, can be used as bait, bait using a variety of food, to fish like to eat, easy to see, to attract fish to gather for the principle. Experience has proved that millet, rice, alcohol, bones and so on are the best; Bait can also be converted into bait. Now we carry on the hand rod competitive fishing or sea rod fishing, bait and bait have been a whole, in the lure at the same time can catch, in the process of fishing can also lure, so we call it "comprehensive bait".

However, a mature bait species, bait and bait still have a very distinct division of labor. In the process of competitive fishing, we separated the bait components and analyzed them. It can still be seen that there are some bait components with the main purpose of attracting fish, some bait components with the main purpose of fishing, and some bait components with the main purpose of improving the bait state. For example, in a game, the baits used in the early stage are mainly used to lure fish, with more particles and strong fragrance; In the later period, fishing was mainly used, and the bait was mostly light and soft with strong palatability. These subtleties, is the bait manufacturers need to study the work, but also the competitive anglers need to master. According to The Times of use, it can be divided into modern bait and traditional bait. Modern bait is a bait which is scientifically formulated and industrially produced by using modern fish lure technology. Traditional bait refers to the bait collected and processed by oneself, following the use methods and habits of the bait in the past. For worms like earthworms, self-made bait is the traditional model, from the principle of attracting food to the method of making it.

May 20, 2021 — Charlotte L