Fishing Rod Holders

A fishing rod holder is the auxiliary tool for many fishing enthusiasts, but many novice friends are not very familiar with it, this article will introduce the role and type of it, and how to choose the length of fishing rod holder.

The important role of the fishing rod holder is to reduce the fatigue of fishing, it is not necessary to hold the rod all the time, especially when the fish eat a few hooks, and if the use of the support, you can use more than one fishing rod at the same time to fish, increase the fun and efficiency of fishing.

There are two main types of rod holders: Bearing type, the weight of the fishing rod is mostly supported by the carrier. Buick type, not only can support but also can end the rod tail.

There are three main materials for fishing rod supports: metal, carbon and bamboo. Bamboo stands are cheap and can be made yourself, but they don't last very long. Generally choose stainless steel or carbon holder, stainless steel holder is relatively affordable, but the weight is relatively large, carbon holder is relatively light, suitable for field fishing, the choice of fishing rod holder needs to consider stability, adaptability and whether easy to carry.

For the fishing rod holder to choose how long is good, this problem is a lot of friends are more concerned about, if you have to give a relationship, then the length of the holder is about one third of the length of the fishing rod is appropriate.

May 19, 2021 — Charlotte L