How to observe the fishing water condition

Clever fishermen are able to observe the conditions of the water and make the best use of the fishing method at that time. They can get better catches than blindly choosing the spot and fishing in the same way. The first is to understand the water temperature. The heat capacity of water is large. When the temperature rises, the water is still cool, but when the temperature is very cold, the water temperature is still high. Fishing water color is generally: light yellow, yellow white, green yellow, deep clear water. The fish living in these water bodies have freedom of movement and can eat at any time and at will, making fishing easy to succeed. The water color is cloudy, too clear, the shadow, the reflection is easy to disturb the fish, the water quality is no problem is too slow on the fish. Green water is too fat, hypoxia, the fishing rate is not high, so muddy water, dark green and polluted water are not suitable for fishing, this kind of water than the normal water is not suitable for fish to live, from the food aspect is also the same truth, good water quality output of fish is certainly more delicious. According to the water color judgment of fish, green and yellow grass carp, deep yellow carp, shallow water more small fish, deep fish.

1. What is the law of fish activity?

The general rule is, water clear fish sink, water mixed fish float. The temperature of the water drops, the fish sink, the temperature of the water rises, the fish float, cold winter, sunny fish float, cloudy day fish sink. Summer is very hot, sunny fish sink, cloudy and rainy fish float. High oxygen fish sink, low oxygen fish float up.

2. Where is the fish nest usually located?

In winter, fish should look for deep water, sunny, sheltered place to do the nest, in the fish nest to fish to have harvest. Natural fish nests in the corners of streams and rivers, the water is slow, the sun, the depth of the bridge foot, near the bridge pillar and so on.

3. How to see the surface of the fish flower?

In calm water: if there are fish on the top of the water, from a distance, the color of the water will change. When you stand far away or high up in the sky and you see a dark area, this is a school of fish. There are fish in middle level of water: the water surface will flood layer ripple from time to time. There are fish in the lower layer of the water, and one or two bubbles indicate that the fish are exhaling. The clusters of bubbles indicate that the fish are feeding on the bottom. There are natural bubbles in the water area, but the difference between it and the fish bubble is that bubbles emerge into a string of bubbles, such as bait, bubbles can stop the fish bubble into a string of bubbles, early without stop, fish bubble into pieces, no rules, bubbles to the surface of the water is broken; Fish will not break when they soak to the surface.

4. The influence of underwater structure on fishing

Mud, mud, pebbles, gravel, the several kinds of common rock bottom, the bottom of the impact on the fishing mainly has the following kinds: silt, such as the underlying need fishing somewhat flexible, it is best to half water condition, if the fish is too dull or can't find the fish food will be the taste of the taste of mud covered the bait. There is also a rock bottom is best not to catch the bottom, it is easy to scratch the subline resulting in decoupling run fish, other bottom structure can be normal fishing.

May 21, 2021 — Charlotte L