The types of fishing reels

1. Closed fishing reel: consists of rocker arm anti-rotation pressing key, rocker reel cover, wire outlet hole and other components.

2. Digital display drum wheel: a drum wheel with electronic display, usually a special wheel for sea fishing. The bait thrown into the seabed fishing reel can accurately show the depth of the sea water and the length of the fishing line thrown out, and it is mostly used for sea fishing.

3. Spinning wheel, spinning type fishing line wheel, also known as spinning type, is the most common one and the one most used by fishing enthusiasts. Its advantages are light and flexible, simple structure and convenient to use. Spinning type fishing reels are mainly used for sea (fresh) water fishing in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural waters.

4. Flywheel: It is the main wheel for fly fishing, and it is also the abbreviation for fly fishing reel. Generally made of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy, there are mainly various types of large, medium and small. Since fly fishing mostly uses hollow fishing lines and has variable diameters (the head of the line is thinner and the middle part is slightly thicker), it requires a fishing reel. The notch is slightly larger than the diameter of the fishing reel of the general spinning model. Because the fly fishing method of throwing is different from the throwing of rod fishing method, it has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight and flexibility.

5. Double-shaft drum-type fishing reel: also known as the carcass reel. Due to the advantages of double bearings and large diameter of the winding groove, it makes the winding resistance small and fast. The winding groove can accommodate 400~500 meters. The long fishing line is mainly used to configure heavy cast rods for sea fishing. It is used for boat fishing on the sea. The main fishing target fish are some marine fish with larger individuals and strong ability to struggle. Because the double-shaft drum-type fishing reel is used for fishing big fish, the fishing reel should be reinforced before fishing to prevent it from loosening when the big fish is caught.

6. Fork type fishing reel: also known as hand wheel and earth wheel. It is composed of shaft, winding groove, fork-shaped vane, nut, bolt and other components. Fork-tooth fishing reel has a simple structure, usually 6 to 9 equal-length fork teeth are fixed on the shaft head, and the fork tooth groove is used to replace the winding groove to store the line; the shaft head passes the tolerance between the shaft and the rod body When matching and fixing, loosen or tighten the fixing bolts when unwinding or rewinding, and the fishing reel will rotate on its own.

7. Drum fishing reel: referred to as drum reel. It is usually composed of winding groove, anti-rotation lever rocker arm, side plate, caster, counterweight and other components. It is mainly used to assemble large and medium-sized cast rods for boat fishing, beach fishing and rock fishing in medium depth seas. The specifications are relatively complete, and there are large, medium and small models. The wheel body is equipped with three control switches such as open, half-stop and stop. Its structure is simple, and the wheel body is light and durable.

8. Drum-type single-bearing fishing reel: It is composed of side plates, anti-rotation rods, reel grooves, rocker arms, counterweight wheels and other components. The reel groove is shaped like a drum, with a larger diameter than a spinning reel, and a fast wire take-up speed, which is similar to the lure fishing flywheel. There is a switch under the bearing, with stop, half stop, open, and three knobs for better performance.

June 20, 2021 — Charlotte L