Sea Fishing

When fishing at sea, pay attention to the details of some fishing methods in boat fishing

For boat fishing on the sea, after selecting the sea area and determining the suitable fishing spot, the angler should drop the anchor and turn off the engine. Because there are less human activities in the sea, usually fishing spots with a lot of fish are relatively secluded, so shut down in time. Stopping the motor can avoid dispersing the fish school.

When the angler stops the boat and starts fishing, he should adopt the method of "far first and then nearer". At the beginning, the bait is thrown farther, and when the fish is hooked, the fishing distance is slowly shortened, so that the caught marine fish It can be turned into a live fishing bait. In addition, the bait on the other string hooks can form a scene of lure fish, and gradually lead other fish to the vicinity of the hull. If during this period, the angler keeps hitting the nest and spreading bait, the effect of attracting the fish will be more significant.

In addition, there are also certain details about the location of the lure fish, that is, when the angler pulls the line back, it is necessary to pay attention to which locations on the seabed are not easy for the anchor to hang on the bottom. These locations are the specific lures of the fish. The ideal location. Attract marine fish to these positions, minimize the chance of anchor hooks hanging on the bottom, and then make fishing smoothly.

If the surrounding seabed terrain is easy to be anchored in the near and far, then it is recommended that the angler switch to the line-based fishing method. For example, when fishing liuzi fish in the sea, the angler can remove the bottom hook, use about 500 grams of lead, send it straight down the ship's rail, and then shake the bait up and down rhythmically to achieve a better catch. effect.

The final conclusion is that when fishing on a boat, anglers should pay attention to clever use of terrain advantages, and use the two methods of hand line and throwing rods in conjunction with each other, so that they can use the sea fishing skills they have mastered flexibly.

July 02, 2021 — Charlotte L