How to choose a fishing float

1. Look at the amount of lead

This is an important indicator for choosing a fishing float. You can choose a fishing float with a suitable amount of lead according to the season and water depth. Like in the hot summer, the fishing target is generally a larger fish, so you should choose a fishing float with a larger amount of lead. In addition, if the water is deep or the fishing rod is longer, you should also choose to eat a lot of lead, and vice versa.

2. Look at the material

Common materials for fishing floats include reed floats and nano floats. Nano floats are cost-effective and have little interference from the outside world, so they are very popular, while reed floats eat large amounts of lead and have high sensitivity. They are suitable for big fish, but the price is slightly more expensive.

3. Look at the drift type

There are roughly three types of float floats, such as long body, short body, and sharp shoulders. There are many types derived from the difference in length and thickness on the feet and tails. The applicability of different float types is also different. Here are three types.

Long body float: This float type has low water resistance, quick bottoming, and good stability, so it is suitable for use in deep water and suitable for fishing big fish.

Short-body drift: The opposite of the long-body drift. The short-body drift is not stable enough, but the drifting speed is fast and the sensitivity is good. It is suitable for floating fishing and catching some small fish.

Fine floating body: this is more suitable for wild fishing, can bottom and deep water, because it is very sensitive to the bait signal of long-line fish, so it is best to combine with long-line fishing.

4. Look at the drift tail

Floating tail is related to sensitivity. The thinner the tail, the higher the sensitivity. For example, when you want to fish for crucian carp in winter, you can choose the long body drift among the thin tails, because the long body drift is suitable for fishing big fish, but the thin tail It can make up for its lack of sensitivity.

June 18, 2021 — Charlotte L