What are the precautions for fishing in summer

Keep in good spirits

Summer fishing is generally a long-term guard fishing, so it is important to keep your spirits up. Anglers should get enough sleep before fishing. To prepare outdoor fishing equipment, you must arrange your fishing gear and bait in advance, and don't be busy until the day before. In order to distract, you can watch TV or read books and newspapers the night before, and spend some time with your family. It is best not to drink tea or smoke, to be peaceful, and to rest early.

Some fishermen are already lying on the bed, but dream about the beauty of catching big fish the next day, and stay awake all night. This is undesirable, because only after a good rest can the next day be able to energetically display their fishing skills and achieve excellence. Achievement.

Choose suitable fishing spots and pay attention to weather changes

You should choose a fishing location according to your physical strength and transportation convenience. Before you go fishing, you must be familiar with the local fishing environment. For safety, you can go with each other and take care of each other. This is especially important for middle-aged and elderly people. The weather is unpredictable, so you have to listen to the weather forecast the day before and prepare your clothes.

Pay attention to protect eyesight

When fishing, keep your eyes high at all times, and it is easy to feel tired, so you must use your eyes scientifically. It is best to wear sunglasses (polarized lenses) when fishing under strong light. Green is generally considered the best; if you do not wear sunglasses, you should try to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your face and choose a position where your eyes are not stimulated by light reflected from the water.

If the wind and waves are big or the fishing place is far away, you should try to use a large float to make the target obvious; you should gently close your eyes every time you fish, and it is best to use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to press the inner canthus of both eyes slightly Knead the upper "Jingming Point" for half a minute to relax your eyes and look into the distance.

When fishing, you should relax. Don’t be overly nervous and stare at the drifts. The scientific method is to watch the drifts for a while and look up to the distant water plants and woods. This will help restore eye fatigue. Even if you fish for a day, you will not get dizzy; Also eat some VA, VD, VE appropriately to supplement vitamins, which will also be good for the eyes.

Pay attention to lightning protection

In summer, the daytime air pressure is generally very low, so most people will choose to fish in rainy days. Although it is not interesting, you must pay attention to preventing thunder and lightning.

The first is not to hit the water under the tree, and the second is not to hook under the water poles, because these places are most prone to lightning strikes.

Be sure to find a safe place to hide during lightning and thunder. Keep doors and windows closed indoors or in cars. If you want to go ashore as soon as possible on the ship, avoid touching bare metal objects. In an open area, a curling posture is required to reduce the exposed area. Or when there are a lot of people, you need to spread out to reduce the risk. Don't call when it is thundering.

Especially in thunderstorm days, do not vigorously raise the pole, and when using carbon poles, be careful not to stand on high places.

June 17, 2021 — Charlotte L