The structure of the fishing reel

1. Main body: also known as the casing, which refers to the main body except for the coiling groove and the rocker arm. It is usually made of composite materials, nylon glass fiber materials, aluminum alloy materials, zinc alloy materials, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy materials. The main body made of composite materials and nylon glass fiber has high strength, good stability, and strong impact resistance, but lacks rigidity. The fishing reel made of magnesium-titanium alloy, the main body made of magnesium alloy or titanium alloy material is light in weight, rigidity and service life are improved, and the metal parts of the paint process are beautiful.

2. Rocker arm handle: also known as the rocker arm assembly, its main function is to make the fishing reel obtain power through the rotation of the angler, and to take up or pay off the line. Taking into account the different hand habits of each person, the general rocker arms can be interchanged left and right. People who are accustomed to using the left hand can change the rocker arm to the left-hand position as long as the knob of the rocker arm is removed, and vice versa.

3. Adjustment of force relief device: referred to as adjustment button, which is a safety device. When the force of the big fish hitting the bait is too strong and exceeds the originally predetermined force, the fishing reel will automatically reverse the line, so that the rod hook line will not be hurt. The angler sets the value of the release force by tightening or loosening, and improves the success rate of walking the fish.

4. Backstop button: also known as backstop switch, its main function is to control the forward and reverse rotation of the fishing reel. When the backstop button is in the backstop position, turn the rocker arm, the fishing reel can only rotate forward, not reverse, and the fishing reel can only take up the line. When the check button is pulled to the relaxed position, the fishing reel can be rotated forward and backward, and the line can be taken up or paid off. The backstop switch is very critical when walking fish, especially when the impact force of the big fish exceeds the bearing capacity of the rod hook line. Even if the backstop switch is set at the backstop position, the fishing reel can automatically set the line and hook the rod. , Can play a good protective role, so it is better to say that the rod is not as good as the round. If the rod is good and the round is bad, the advantage of the rod cannot be brought into play. If the fishing reel is good, it can make up for the deficiency of the rod.

5. Main gear: also known as plane gear or big gear, which is connected to the handle for transmission, winding the wire in a fixed, non-transmitting, but telescopic winding groove.

6. Bearing: Make the main wire more evenly wound in the winding groove. It is the main part of the transmission in the fishing reel, located on the main shaft handle and the main gear rod. It has the function of overcoming the transmission resistance and ensuring that the fishing reel rotates smoothly when the reel is blocked, and overcomes the noise of mechanical friction during transmission.

7. Line gear: Located at the upper mouth of the reeling groove, its main function is to gather the thrown fishing line at the position of the throwing nut. Reduce the friction of the fishing line and reduce the resistance when the line is taken up.

8. Wheel caster: also known as the caster, located at the bottom of the main body of the fishing reel. The main function is to fix the fishing reel on the caster seat (clip seat) of the caster.

June 19, 2021 — Charlotte L