How to choose the lure color

The difference between lure colors in human and fish eyes, how to choose the lure color

The colors of artificial bait in the fishing gear market can be described as colorful, gorgeous, colorful, and dazzling. Because the eyes of fish have spherical crystals and have a certain ability to distinguish colors, the various colors of artificial bait are not flashy to win the attention of anglers. Initiative. The three elements of artificial bait selection in actual combat, size, swimming style and color.

Color is actually a wavelength (Wava Length) (Wavelength refers to the distance between the corresponding points of sound waves or electromagnetic waves). Because water molecules absorb or filter light of different wavelengths, sunlight passes through different water layers while eliminating unnecessary colors. . If the color is filtered out by water at a certain depth, the color has actually disappeared regardless of whether you or the fish’s eyes can see it. The intensity and brightness of visible light will also disappear.

The absorption of light by water increases as the wavelength of light increases. Blue and green have shorter wavelengths and are less absorbed in water, while red with longer wavelengths is more easily absorbed in water (red in clearer waters) It disappears at a depth of 4-6 meters, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, and black) The rate of wavelength absorption and the amount of cloud cover, the clarity and color of the water itself, and the impurities in the water. Related to grass or plankton. Explore the absorption ratio of the color of the artificial lure in different water depths. The white artificial lure will turn blue or dark gray, and the color will gradually deepen as the depth increases. Even in the water depth of 12-15 meters, even in the clear waters and the underwater world It is almost entirely composed of gray, blue and black.

In terms of fishing, how to choose the color of artificial bait to maximize the lure?

1. The choice of turbid water and artificial bait. Silt and silt, the water area after heavy rain can be moderately low, and it is best to use black artificial bait. Water pollution, seasonal algae blooms in large numbers, the use of two-color artificial bait is more attractive. The use of dark artificial bait for amber water is more attractive.

2. The choice of weather and artificial bait. On a sunny day, due to the more direct light reflection, the use of silver-gold artificial lures is more effective. Ultraviolet rays are stronger in cloudy days, and when it is irradiated on the artificial lure, the fluorescent artificial lure will become particularly bright.

July 12, 2021 — Charlotte L