Selection of ice fishing position and time

How to choose ice fishing spots?

The habit of fish is to hibernate in winter or half hibernation, depending on the fish. The hibernating ground is the place where the fish hide, and the hibernating water is deep for the big fish, but the big fish often live a regular life, and they don't always open their mouth to eat in the whole winter, especially the big fish that weigh ten jin. This is their self-protection mode and life rule formed after more than ten years of wind and rain. So do not put the emphasis on ice fishing on the big fish, are rare in the summer, winter is difficult to catch. The key ice fishing sites must be selected in the trenches and bays on the sunny side, because the fish cannot live without grass, and such places are often not deep and there are dead grass on the bottom. Grass can protect the fish from the enemy, the fish have a sense of security, we catch a big fish pile phenomenon is the fish to flee to the bottom of the water head into the mud, grass reason, the rod can not move because the fish head in the mud, of course, can not move, only the fish flee again to leave the bottom to pull the fish.

Two peaks of ice fishing

In general, the feeding intensity of warm-water fish decreased significantly in winter, or even stopped feeding sometimes. However, shortly after the water freezes in early winter, the feeding intensity of ice fishing has a short period of rising, which is the first peak of ice fishing. In February of the next year, the temperature began to rise. When the maximum temperature in the daytime reached more than 5℃, the warm-water fish began to feed again, and the feeding intensity gradually increased with the warming of the temperature. At this time, the second peak of ice fishing began to appear.

When the maximum temperature in the daytime is below 0℃ and the ice is getting thicker and thicker, reaching more than 20 centimeters, warm-water fish have stopped feeding. This is the period of the year when the fish feeding rate is the lowest, but this period is the best time for ice fishing cold water fish.

The best time of day for ice fishing

During the day, 10 to 16 hours is the best time for ice fishing. Because the water temperature has risen during this period, the fish are relatively active.

May 29, 2021 — Charlotte L