Ice fishing skills

After entering the winter, the temperature becomes lower day by day. When the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius, some open water areas start to swim. At this time, the fishermen will still go fishing. They dig holes in the thick ice to fish. However, not every fishing friend can gain something when they go out ice fishing. Today we will share some ideas for fishing on ice, hoping to help fishing friends in need.

  1. When choosing to fish

When fishing in winter, it is best for fishermen to choose to go out wild fishing in a comfortable weather, because people feel uncomfortable in the weather, and the fish will not be too good. We recommend that you choose to go fishing on a sunny day with no wind, and try to avoid windy and cold weather, so that you can guarantee the catch.

  1. Choose a fishing position

Fishing friends must remember to play nests when fishing in winter. In winter, fish are already active because of the low temperature. Appropriate bait can stimulate them to open their mouths and gather at the fishing point. If nesting does not work, the fisherman needs to dig out 3~5 ice eyes or even more when choosing a fishing position. When choosing ice eyes, choose more water plants, wood stakes, water inlets and outlets, deep water areas, and old fishing positions. If one ice eye does not catch fish, switch to another ice eye. In addition, fishing friends must take the initiative to find fish when fishing in winter, and choose the fishing position in the deep water of the sun or the intersection of deep water and shallow water. These places have relatively high temperatures and are suitable for fish to inhabit. Fishermen who are experienced in wild fishing will also look for fish by observing the color of the ice layer, for example, check whether there are bubbles in the ice layer, because the bubbles that the fish exhale under water will freeze in the ice layer, and there are bubbles in the ice layer, it is very likely Below is the fish nest.

  1. Choose fishing tackle

Ice fishing is carried out on the ice surface. The fisherman must do a good job of keeping the lower body warm. In addition, the ice surface is relatively slippery. It is best for the fisherman to wear non-slip shoes and bring ice shims, fences, ice fishing rods and other fishing tools. Ice fishing requires digging holes in the ice surface. The fisherman is very close to the ice eye. The fishing rod does not need to be very long. In addition, the activity of the fish in this season is not high, and the opening is small. Fish hooks, fishing lines, floats and lead sinkers are required. Choose a small one appropriately. Generally speaking, when fishing for crucian carp, you can choose 2~3 hooks, 0.8 for the main line, 0.4 for the sub-line, and a small buoyancy float of about 10 cm for the float.

  1. Fish lifting skills

The fish body is stiff in winter. Do not eat slowly in other seasons. In many cases, the mouth is half opened. Therefore, the bait action is very light, and the float rarely sinks or rises a few eyes. Therefore, fishermen should always observe the changes of the float when ice fishing. Once they see movement on the float, they must lift the rod, otherwise it is easy to miss the opportunity to walk the fish. This situation is also in line with the fishing proverb "Winter fishing is light to swallow. The float nodded and lifted the rod." Finally, when fishing friends in large areas of water such as lakes and reservoirs, they must raise the fishing line every 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that the bait is always in motion, so that the earthworms or red worms on the hooks are like themselves in the water. Swimming is the same, so as to attract fish better. To

  1. Be patient when fishing

Before ice fishing, fishermen need to dig holes for fishing, prepare bait nest materials, and also need to do a good job of preventing cold. The process is relatively time-consuming. Therefore, fishermen must have patience. If the fish in the fishing waters is scared away by the movement of the ice-eye of the seedlings, it is more necessary to fill the nest to attract the fish. When the fisherman arrives at the fishing field, remember to check the thickness of the ice layer and hit it hard with ice shims. If there are a lot of broken ice balls on the ice surface, but the ice layer is not broken, you can go fishing on the ice surface. Conditional fishing friends can also bring tents to avoid being frostbite or catching a cold due to long periods of cold outside.

May 30, 2021 — Charlotte L